Author Launches a New Digital Children’s Picture Book, Titled “Elliot the Cat”

Jeron Williams, a talented author is launching a children’s animation book titled, “Elliot the Cat” which connects children to the value of having their own special place. The story is about a small house pet cat that wishes to live and become a lion. Then, she meets a male lion, named Jasper who helped her how to live like a real lion and treated her as one of their family members. The picture book is now available on online marketplaces.

Elliot the Cat is a digital children’s picture book that features a lion-kitten pair, as they learn to love each other as one family. The cat, Elliot, and the lion, Jasper explored a new life living in the forest. The new book focused on the initial escape of Elliot and the discovery of her new home. The digital reading package features narrated and animated version of a picture book. 

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Jeron Williams is 27 years old aspiring author who has been writing for several years. According to him, “I have been writing for years so I thought I would publish my first children’s book. I started writing at the age of 17, and I haven’t stopped since then. I just like to sit and think of beautiful ideas and bring them to life and create characters that will remain around for a lifetime.”

The book also teaches the significance of responsibility and has lots of animations making the digital book enjoyable for kids. Elliot the Cat is also geared towards preschoolers and young kids who might be experiencing social anxiety. In the heartfelt story featuring animals, Elliot will find a new home to a whole new, different place. The narrative story of Jeron reminds people to be open to meeting new people, and that difference isn’t a big deal to find a new family. 

Interested individuals can check out Elliot the Cat at It’s available in Kindle for $3.99 and Paperback at $19.99. The book was published by AuthorHouse.

About Jeron William:

Jeron William is a 27 years old aspiring author who strives to create engaging and heartfelt books for children. He always loved writing, and he wishes to write more books in the future. His readers encouraged him to create an animation of the story “Elliot the Cat.”

About AuthorHouse:

Author House is the top provider of supported self-publishing services for authors in the UK and across the world, along with more than 97,000 titles released. With their wide array of services and packages, they offer the expertise and tools the author needs to realize their publishing dreams. The publishing company offers different formats like vibrant full color, black and white, hardback, paperback, custom leather bound formats, and even digital formats.

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