Tampa, FL “Our goal is to provide superior medical assistance as well as patient access to quality prescription medication and supplements more conveniently and easily without the inconvenience and cost of visiting a physician’s office.” This is the mission of the premier telehealth provider, Nu-Image Medical, setting standards in Tampa for patients looking to receive quality expert medical care without boundaries.

Health is of great concern to many people of Tampa. However, the busy everyday life makes it difficult for many people to schedule appointments for medical services. The team at Nu-Image Medical realize that most people are mobile friendly; they do almost everything through their phones. Rather than waiting for patients to come to the office for regular medical services, health care is now provided via mobile phones through on-site consultations, telemedicine platforms, telephony, and videos.

They have been providing weight loss, anti-aging, and wellness health services since 2004. Over the years of serving residents of Tampa, Nu Image Medical ( realized the dramatic changes that technology has played in the industry. While they still provide mortar-and-brick medical care, they have created a new service delivery system to serve patients better.

“Telemedicine involves the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide healthcare at a distance. Through online video and telephony, it helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available in distant rural communities,” explained Surge Ceranic, spokesperson of Nu Image Medical.

Through telemedicine, Nu Image Medical provides patient services at any location, while maintaining quality and effectiveness: The following are some of the ways their new, updated, and futuristic mediums are helping to provide fast, cost-effective, and convenient service to patients:

  • Online Enrollment: Enrollment for health programs takes less than 2 minutes with no more hour long waits in the doctor’s office.

  • Doctor Consultation: Offering instant consultation with a physician via video or phone. No appointment or office visit required.

  • Approval & Delivery: After physician tele-consultation, any required prescription is sent electronically to partner pharmacies for fulfillment.

  • Telemedicine Forum: Patients can receive answers to any questions, comments, or insights about any health issues through the online forum.

  • Health Care Blog: Provides high value, relevant, and useful information to improve the health of patients.

Nu Image Medical is located at 1209 N Tampa St, Tampa, FL 33602.
Contact them via phone at (813) 999-2800, or via email at

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