ABS chain encryption version of WeChat spy exposure! IM communications will usher in a revolution!

A few days ago, through encryption technology, the communication tool for free information communication spread wildly in social media. It is understood that the technology is based on ABS chain technology development of Dapp. After testing, ABS chain encryption version of WeChat is expected to be officially released in 2019.

It is worth noting that the current centralized communication tools such as WeChat, WhatsApp and other oligarch IM communication products have the problem of data leakage. Data has been peeped over and over again, but as a user there is no alternative.

Based on block chain technology, ABS chain creatively uses homomorphic encryption technology and proxy re-encryption technology to encrypt without changing the user’s operating habits. Realizing end-to-end encryption: data is encrypted and transmitted before sending. The whole process is stored in a ciphertext state. At the same time, the key is kept separately from the ciphertext, the key management system only sends the key, does not store any data of the user, thus fully protects the user’s information security.

In addition, ABS chain directly “shell” IM applications. When users are using IM applications such as WeChat and WhatsApp, they can enjoy an all-process encryption service without awareness.

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