Focusing on Children’s Healthy Growing, Global Children Star Award Held in Beijing

On Oct 23, the global children star award release conference was held in Beijing, and the artists, child industry expert and entrepreneur etc. have attended the activity. During the conference, the host has declared the official release of the ceremony. it was reported that there would be audition in March or April next year, and quarter final in June or July, then on Aug 8, the final match of the 1st global children star award release conference would be held in the Water Cube.

The witness of the global Children’s star award start ceremony

As the host of the global children’s ceremony, the global children’s ceremony promotion committee aims to create the most influential children’s cultural art exchanging platform in the world. It is reported that there’s global large-scale audition each year during the ceremony, and they will pick out the best children on culture, art and fashion, etc. then they will commend and reward the outstanding representatives from various fields. Meanwhile, they will also make the global art audition and create the global children’s match IP, then build a world-class child star, so that they can cooperate with global related industries and create the world-class children’s industry ecological kingdom. In terms of the global audition, there will be more than 20 countries and regions as well as 200 cities involved.

Speech by Huang Canming, CEO of Huangpin and Hong Kong Micro-star Group

During the release, Huang Canming, CEO of Huangpin and Hong Kong Micro-star Group, said that children was the future and hope of the world, and the global children’s ceremony, aiming to “calling for world peace and promote the healthy growth of the children”, does not only call and hope for peace of the children of the world, but also urges us to cherish and protect our existing peace. And that’s why the global children’s ceremony started, since it does not only strive to become the stage for the global children for them to display their talents, but also insists to carry the peace and love to the world, so that each child can have the dream and let the dream fly and let the world see how wonderful they are.

The appointment letter issuing from the organizer for the 1st expert judge of the global Children’s ceremony

And the person in charge of the ceremony also said that the global children ceremony would insist to keep public welfare undertakings and children’s cultural exchanges at the same important position, they will focus on world children’s development and fulfill social responsibilities conscientiously, serve the society with the mind of public welfare and promote the global children’s cultural industry development so that the children can have the dream stage from the world.

As it was introduced, there would also be children’s cultural exchanging activities with the fields including the models, dancers, singers, performer and instrument performer, etc. in the world during the global children’s ceremony in the future, so that more and more children will be able to influence sentiment in art halls, improve their ideological and moral qualities as well as aesthetic tastes through various kinds of activities, then it will also guide them to set up the long-range ideal and strength their dream belief when they were young. At the same time, there would also be excellent representatives selected, and they would perform public welfare activities around the world.

Ma Shuanzhu, the deputy secretary of the central propaganda department and secretary of the bureau of the CPC central propaganda department, Chai Hongwei, the executive direction, council of music and arts, Chinese council for the promotion of traditional culture, Li Yuanhua, singing performance artist as well as Zhu Lian, French young cellist, spokesperson of Chinese office in China have made the speeches on the release.

Ma Shuanzhu said, the global children’s ceremony, with the sense of Chinese excellent traditional culture, would go abroad and spread to all parts of the world. It could not carry forward the China’s essence of 5,000 years, but also help to promote the comprehensive quality and ability for the children, and even promote the early realization of the “Chinese dream”.

Zhu Lian also said that the ceremony would also cooperate with the friendly organizations from home and abroad for the cultural exchanging activities of the children, so that it would deepen the friendship with other people of the world through cultural artistic exchanging among the counties, what’s more, it would also promote the mutual understanding and cultural exchange among the countries in the world so that the world would become a coherent whole so as to achieve the final good wish for world peace.

As the host of the activity, the global children’s ceremony promotion committee adhered to the principle of “calling for world peace and promote the healthy growth of the children “and committed to build a global healthy, authoritative and comprehensive environment for children’s growth, and delivered a spirit of equality, self-confidence and upward humanity to the children in the world, so that it would become a cultural exchanging platform for the health of global children.

This activity was promoted by the global children’s ceremony promotion committee, cooperated by the global supermodel organization, the Asia children’s cultural and art development association and the organizing committee of the Chinese Charity public warfare cultural activity, co-sponsored by Hong Kong Micro-super star Group.

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