NULS presents the customizable blockchain for enabling businesses to use blockchain technology with ease

NULS brings an innovative enterprise solution for the businesses to use blockchain technology with ease, for growing their business. It is a highly customizable modular blockchain infrastructure that consists of a microkernel and functional modules. It provides smart contract, multi-chain mechanism and cross-chain consensus for enabling the businesses to conveniently utilize the revolutionary blockchain technology.

NULS aims to break the technical barriers of blockchain reducing the cost of development and promote the use of blockchain technology in the commercial field. It is a global blockchain open-source project that provides basic function modules and standard interfaces where the developers can create various modules and customize their own sub-chains as required.  The developers can use this platform for enhancing their business operations, discovery and communication.

NULS is composed of multiple chains which enable the exchange of data and value among chains as well as extensive applications and better performance. The smart contracts enabled technology requires less programming to be done by the developers for defining service logic. It enables Running logic from NULSVM in a decentralized environment.

The blockchain is based on the proof-of-credit mechanism which features high scalability and rapid value transmission and connection via cross-chain modules. The best part about this blockchain is its customizable nature which allows the user to select modules of their choice for multiple use cases. It also provides modularization and multiple chains for higher flexibility.

In addition, the NULS blockchain comes with independent upgradable modules for continuous improvement and scalability. The developers can improve network technology, storage schemes, and encryption algorithms as per their convenience. In the near future, NULS will also have multiple sub-chains to offer better features for customizing the blockchain. NULS will overcome the difficulties faced by the developers in implementing blockchain in the commercial field.

Finding a developer with experience and expertise in the blockchain technology is often very difficult for the businesses and even if they do, the cost is too high as the individuals can charge a premium for it. By providing a comparatively simple blockchain infrastructure and reducing the learning curve for the developers, NULS will provide a cost-effective solution to these problems.

NULS is adaptable to various application scenarios and delivers high performance using parallel expansion technology through the multi-chain system that enables millions of transactions per second through the main-chain and sub-chains. More information about the NULS blockchain can be found on their official website and Whitepaper

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