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There are five treatments for reenex. Customers can choose different combinations according to their needs. After the price list, there will be a brief copy from the official website:

1. CPS more life treatment 
2. The frozen optical collagen autotherapy (Aramis) has been replaced with a new machine and upgraded to “Extremely Frozen Optical Collagen Self-Life Treatment” 
3. HGF activates cell proliferation therapy (HydraFacial) 
4. TRF Collagen Intense Firming Treatment 
5. AUF Fat Firming Contour Treatment

The above combination is accompanied by a set of skin care products for customers, which makes the treatment effect more remarkable. Number of treatments in the combination = Number of purchases

Example: Taking Combo A as an example, the price of 12 treatments can be enjoyed in combination (CPS more skin treatment, frozen optical collagen self-medication, HGF activated cells) The proliferative treatment is 12 times each, that is, 12 x 3 = 36 treatments.

CPS more skin treatment course

Dissolve aging keratin to improve healthy skin foundation can improve dullness, roughness, shine, acne, water shortage, acne
Effectively dissolve old cuticle and promote metabolism; 
Rich active skin layer to enhance the transparency, smoothness and moisturizing lock; 
Rejuvenate skin with a 28-day refresh cycle and a healthy balance of water and oil; 
Frozen optical collagen self-medication (Aramis) 
Proliferating collagen to consolidate the underlying structure
1540nm frozen optics deep into the 500 micron deep collagen layer, stimulating collagen self-proliferation; 
100% absorbed by the facial skin to enhance skin elasticity and support; 
It is confirmed that it can reduce wrinkles and fine lines up to 41%; 
Improve wrinkles, sagging, water shortage, acne, and large pores. 
HGF activates cell proliferation therapy (HydroFacial)

Introducing growth factor doubling hyperplasia collagen whitening moisturizing, improving rough dullness, removing old keratin, reducing blackhead acne

Taking away old horny and dirt, improving rough dullness and improving skin’s ability to absorb nutrients;

Introduce 110 kinds of high-concentration human growth factor extract into deep collagen layer to accelerate collagen self-generation;

TRF Collagen Intense Firming Treatment

Reconstructing Collagen Molecules Instantly Lifts Firming and Firming Skin, smoothes wrinkles, enhances facial contours, improves slack and enlarged pores

Unique “Double Firming Performance” is the territory The only RF technology that combines unipolar and bipolar; 
Heat the collagen to instantly tighten and consolidate the structure of the muscle base; 
AUF Fat Firming Contour Treatment

3 steps to restore the firming contour and the apple muscle fullness

Dispel the pure fat cells with ultrasound to guide the fatty acids away; 
Bipolar RF centrally heats the superficial skin, allowing the collagen to be closely packed; 
Improve skin edema and smooth wrinkles, strengthen skin firming;

Reenex clearly divides the price of 2: peak hour with non-peak hour, non-peak price will be about 10%. If you pay with EPS/Cash, you have an extra 6% cash rebate~ I can join to non-peak hour, and the stalking time is ok. Anyway, the facial effect is the same as the service. 

It is worth mentioning that the location of the reenex generous branch is relocated, and most of them are found in the Grade A commercial buildings, such as Langham Place, Times Square, and Pacif Place. I am rehabilitating in Langham Place, and I am going to work in the building to do the treatment. It is very convenient. But even if the work is scheduled to go on holiday, it will be the same.

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