Tossy By EM Brings Unique Headbands and Bandanas for the Ultimate Fashion Statement

Texas based specialized fashion accessories provider has introduced some of the most exciting bandana and headband designs for the audience.

Tossy by EM provide a wide variety of headbands and bandanas for people. They produce specialized headbands catered to their customers’ wants and try to provide a unique outlook for them. Tossy’s products include a fall collection, an active collection, an Americana collection, a beach collection, a spring collection, a love collection and many more.

Tossy by EM is based in Killeen, Texas. They have a vast array of products for all kinds of people. The purpose of the company is to grow to a stage where it can be considered a household name and the whole family can use a Tossy. The idea is to develop hair accessories so there is no need for damaging your hair with treatments and heating tools. Tossy provides a professional and pretty substitute to those means. In its quest for growth, Tossy has also recently become an international trademark. The entire idea behind Tossy is to grow as a company and spread the word to become a leading brand in its category.

Company CEO, Erika Mateus, started making headbands at home because she could not manage her hair. What started out as a quick fix for her hair problems started to attract attention from other people who were interested in the unique headband designs. It was then when Erika decided to start selling these headbands. Ever since she hasn’t looked back and has offered promotions to try to spread the word about her products. As the CEO puts it herself, “There is a Tossy for everyone.”

Erika is also quite keen to use her business to promote an agenda she cares deeply for. Her company donates $1 for each sale they make to underprivileged children who cannot afford an education. Erika understands what it is like to struggle to find equal opportunities which are one of the reasons why she and her company are very invested in helping children who cannot afford an education. So far, the company has already contributed to communities including the Himalayas, India and Africa and they are far from done.

The company is located in Killeen, Texas and they were founded in 2017. You can contact the CEO at this email address and the company website is as follows Tossy by EM.

Media Contact
Company Name: Tossy by EM
Contact Person: Erika Mateus – CEO
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City: Killeen
State: Texas
Country: United States