Spinal Surgery Clinic Becomes a Leading Spinal Pathology Treatment Centre

Basingstoke, UK – Spinal Surgery Clinic has become a leading spinal surgeon in Basingstoke and Hampshire due to their high level of experience and care in treating those suffering from spine related injuries. The clinic strives to work with all patients on a focused and individual level. Through these efforts, the clinic develops specialised care for each patient.

Back and neck pain are two of the most common types of pain that a person can experience. Often these types of pains can be periodic and handled at home. Sometimes treatments can involve a simple medication. However, for chronic back and neck pain, people turn to a healthcare professional.

Spinal Surgery Clinic has become a leader for the treatment and care of spinal pathology and injuries. Southampton neurosurgery is one of their leading areas of care. There are some signs that indicate someone might need to see a specialist and possibly schedule a surgery. These signs include avoidance behaviour related to certain processes involving the back and neck. The sufferer might also experience diminished levels of mobility or activity. Other important signs include nerve damage symptoms. These might manifest as weakness, numbness, or tingling in some of the extremities like the legs and arms.

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The clinic works to treat and manage a wide variety of related injuries and pathologies. Some of the conditions that they specialise in treating include neck pain, brachialgia, Chiari malformation, syringomyelia, radiculopathy (related to pinch nerves and weakness), sciatica, back pain, myelopathy (related to spinal cord compression). They also help with any type of tumour found along the chord and around the nerve sheaths.

Spinal Surgery Clinic work to help patients with these types of issues. They offer various options for treatment and management programmes. Some of their options for treatment include lumbar fixation, anterior cervical discectomy, arachnoid cyst removal, corpectomy, lumbar microdiscectomy, conservative management, lumbar decompression, anterior cervical disc replacement, laminectomy, and spinal cord tumour removal and laminectomy.

Spinal Surgery Clinic treats patients within a wide demographic base, whether a patient lives in any number of Hampshire towns, including Eastleigh, Winchester, or Southampton. Their team leader is Mr. Ali Nader-Sepahi. He also works at the Candover Clinic, Wessex Neurological Centre, and Spire Hospital. He holds several certifications from nationally recognised healthcare organisations.

For more information about Spinal Surgery Clinic and to get in contact with them today, visit their site at http://www.spinalsurgeryclinic.co.uk/.

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