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Mytravellingdays gives unique information, detailed descriptions and real-life experience useful tips from the Amazonia Ecuador Trip by Adventure Lovers Eleni & Christos, two restless world travel enthusiasts.

Thessaloniki, Greece – October 30, 2018 – is a narrative website on the personal travel experiences of Eleni & Christos, two restless world travel enthusiasts who have already explored more than 85% of the globe and now include amazon travel tips. These are their amazing stories.

Travel Experience and Tips

When asked about their amazon tours from Quito, Christos replies “Our Amazonia Ecuador journey starts on October 5th. It was a 25-minute flight over the dense jungle of Amazonia. We landed, met the representative of Sacha Lodge and with a mini bus we were transferred to the jetty of Napo River, walked on a marked path, till we reached again to another jetty. We were greeted by a grey, heavily clouded sky,” added Mytravellingdays‘ Christos.

They arrived in Sacha Lodge at around noon and were met by the manager, since their driver, who normally was the person that should be waiting for them, was already in the forest with a couple from Wales, who had arrived in the lodge the previous day.

Eleni continued, “After welcoming us with fresh lemonade and some information about our stay and the activities we were going to have, we had a first taste of a tropical storm, while walking to our cabin. The cabin with number 26, which was to host us over the coming days, was fully equipped with two double beds, a private bath and also a hot water shower. We encountered an extra and very nice surprise in our cabin too. Joel Rivera, our guide who was going to be with us for the whole trip, welcomed us and tried to initiate us to the art of spotting birds and animals. A rather tough mission, but extremely interesting for an area where 8 species of monkeys, 50 species of bats and more than 500 species of birds have been recorded.”

Until they finally reached the lake, and witnessed a truly magical sunset scenery…

“While watching the lights of the Lodge flickering from far away, we were welcomed by thick smoke and delicious aromas. Our barbequed dinner was in full process. We ate and drank; we absolutely enjoyed it and then went to bed early, leaving our first adventure for the next day,” concluded Eleni & Christos, two restless world travel enthusiasts.

At the end of this trip, they were transported to the airport and from there they flew to Quito. They arrived in their hotel Hotel Las Mercedes Airport, had some rest, prepared their luggage and flew to Thessaloniki with Lufthansa and via transits from Houston Texas and Frankfurt. Then they shared their travel experience and tips at Mytravellingdays.

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Eleni and Christos are a restless couple from Thessaloniki Greece that absolutely loves travelling. Mytravellingdays is a narrative website on the personal travel experiences of Eleni & Christos.

While at first, they visited popular destinations using travel agencies that resulted in wonderful but impersonal experiences, they decided to live their personal adventures to the fullest by planning their own itineraries.

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