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Kolkata – Blogging is undoubtedly one of the most powerful methods used by webmasters and online marketers to improve their website’s ranking on search engines. Blogs, within few years have become a powerful source for online marketing. However, without proper SEO your blog will never be able to rank high in search engines; hence will remain unnoticed by the web surfers. With so tight competition in the market, improving a blog’s ranking is no more a casual affair; especially if you want to utilize your blog for marketing your business.

Primarily because of so many options offered by the Web 2.0, blog marketing is dominating over static site marketing. We at DragonBite SEO are always trying to figure out how to fully utilize the Web 2.0 features to boost your blog’s traffic and search engine ranking. 

Sreejan, the creator and founder of DragonBite SEO training institute and advanced SEO strategies, says that “With my long term experience as a SEO, I certainly believe that by following these tips you can make your blog rank high in search engine and receive the maximum number of traffic”.

Full Exposure:

In order to boost your blog’s search engine ranking and traffic, you need to have the maximum exposure. Syndicating with RSS is perhaps the best way to increase your blog exposure. The RSS feed will help your audience to get updated with the current status of your blog, whenever any modification or addition is made.

Social Bookmarking:

Bookmarking will immensely help in increasing both traffic and search engine ranking of your blog. Social bookmarking basically allows users to save and create a collection of favourite bookmarks categorically and later share it with other users. Users can further subscribe bookmarks to other’s lists and even add bookmarks from other lists to their own. This way your blog will get the maximum exposure. The more bookmarking you do, the more blog traffic you will get. This will in turn help your search engines ranking.

Using tags will help web surfers to locate the posts you made on your blog including related videos and images. No matter how informative or powerful blog you create in your niche, it will never be read by people unless you tag it rightfully.

Add Comments:

Adding relevant comment to other’s blog posts is another effective way to increase blog traffic. Make sure the comment you make is informative and relevant to the main post. If your comment seems useful to the bloggers, they will naturally click on your link to find more.

Get Connected over Social Networks:

Social networking sites are now available in every corner of the web. They are the best place to meet people with the same interest. So, evidently it is yet another ideal place from where you can get important links. Write high quality articles and market them over social networks to create brand name and popularity.

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