Nollytainment Inc To Premiere Controversial TV Series On Its Blockchain Distribution Platform

United Kingdom, UK – October 30th, 2018 – In a landmark development for the African Movie Industry in London this week, Nollytainment USA successfully signed a deal with Ty Moore Concepts UK to distribute APOSTLE DO GOOD, a TV series about corruption, immorality, greed and fetish practices in a fictional church, through its blockchain powered movie distribution portal,

The Official signing of this first of its kind digital distribution deal was attended by top Executives of Nollytainment Inc USA, the producer/director of the tv series, Toyin More, other executives of Ty Moore Concepts, as well several of the cast members of Apostle Do Good TV Series.

As part of the distribution deal, the already completed Season 1 of Apostle Do Good would be streamed online to a global audience on the internet portal in the week leading to Christmas.

However, in a reversal of the conventional practice of releasing of movies/tv series  in Nollywood, the parties also agreed that new Season 2 of the TV series will first be premiered as a direct-to-online streaming in the 2nd quarter of 2019, before it becomes available to local TV stations.

According to Dr Ope Banwo, ‘The objective of this arrangement is to have an EXCLUSIVE Premiere of the series ONLINE, instead of first running it through tv stations, as is customarily the case in the industry. This creates amazing value for subscribers to the Nollyflix360 portal and opens a whole new chapter in the way African movies and TV series are distributed’.

Blockchain and CryptoCurrency finally Meet Movie Distribution

It would be recalled that a few months ago, Nollytainment introduced Nollycoin, a crypto currency that was expected to be the official means of exchange for the distribution of Nollywood African movies. The Apostle Do Good distribution project will provide the opportunity for the movie producers and the lovers of African movies to experience digital movie streaming in the era of blockchain and smart contract technology.

Dr Ope Banwo, who is also the CEO of Nollytainment, the promoters of NollyCoin cryptocurrency, explained further: “We are very excited to finally have an opportunity to do a direct to online streaming of an important TV Series using blockchain technology. Now people can watch these series from their bedrooms all over the world, while the stakeholders get automatic updates on the project accounting and income through our proprietary blockchain powered distribution portal.”

With this new move, people will now have a choice to subscribe to the online Nollyflix360 movie/tv series platform with either Nollycoin crypto currency, or simply use conventional currency like dollars, pounds or naira. The records of the analytics of viewers, subscribers and amounts received will be maintained through blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

This development will kickstart the trustless economy of a blockchain smart contracts for movie distribution in Africa and beyond. With the deployment of smart contract on the Nollyflix360 platform, all stakeholders would have instant access to ALL transactions relating to their movie property, and no longer have to wait or trust the accounting of the distributor.

The Synopsis of Apostle Do Good TV series – The Story of A church in crisis

The controversial TV Series centers on the fictional Oasis of Love church. The church, like most churches in real life, started with good intentions but gradually descended into an abyss of greed, idolatry, immorality and pure evil.

In the story line, Apostle Bode, a zealous believer who was called to be a man of the cloth from his childhood, partnered with his equally zealous friend, Pastor Dele, to set up a thriving Charismatic church in London. Everything was going well, until the predicted signs of the fate of a careless church in the end times started rearing their ugly heads.  Soon, the happy church started crumbling from within, and rapidly descended into heartbreaking incidents of Greed, Adultery, Sodomy, Betrayal, Greed, Abuse of spiritual Authority and Chaos.

The critically acclaimed TV series is a pungent commentary on the state of the church, and a strong satire on what is wrong with many churches of today and the path to redemption.

According to Toyin Moore, the director and creator of the series, ‘I understand that lots of people would be shocked at some of the issues covered in this unforgettable TV series, but I believe this is a cautionary story that must be told”. For those who may find some of the episodes extreme, She explained further, ‘The different incidents portrayed in the different episodes are actually based on true stories of strange happenings in the Church in these end times. The objective is not to rubbish the Church, but to nudge its leaders and members towards a serious self-appraisal of the strange happenings in many churches of today, and hopefully change for the better.”

The cast and crew of Apostle Do Good were excited for the opportunity of a global audience for their highly exclaimed TV Series, which has generated a lot of discussions and arguments from those who love the realism portrayed in the series, and from those who felt the church was being negatively exposed by Christians who should know better.

The TV Series featured an international cast of actors from Africa, Europe and USA including Toyin Moore, Mofe Duncan, Charles Efe Lawson Ferguson Jack, Dapo Opayinka, Jason Dear, Angela Homes, Lydia Tett Olet, Cordelia Emeh, Doris Ngere and a host of others.

The online streaming of Season one is expected to debut on December 15th while the crew and cast would be moving to location for the direct to online streaming production of the explosive season 2.

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