Cryptocurrencies – Learn How to Use the Next Generation of the Financial System to Win

Author: Dejan “Deki” Markovic

Oct 30, 2018 – Publishing is pleased to announce the release of CRYPTOCURRENCIES: Learn How to Use the Next Generation of the Financial System to Win.  Loral Langemeier, the star of The Secret and who’s well known as The Millionaire Maker, has said that this book contains everything you could ever want to know about cryptocurrency.

The author, Dejan “Deki” Markovic, who’s a successful entrepreneur and award-winning author, has chosen to share with you one of the hottest topics in today’s financial world.

The topic? Cryptocurrency, something many people feel is poised to be the next chapter in the development of the world’s financial system. The author specifically focuses on BitCoin, which was the first cryptocurrency to appear on the net.

He will show you what cryptocurrency is, how it started, what you can do with it and why it’s being seen by some as the next generation of the financial system. Deki is an expert in the world of cryptocurrency and will share his secrets with you. If that’s not enough, he’s also available as an advisor, coach or mentor.

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This fantastic book will capture your imagination from the first Chapter, The Birth of Cryptocurrency, through to the last word in Chapter 18, which is about educating yourself and then using that knowledge to your advantage in this amazing market opportunity. From mining the internet for brand new cryptocoins to investing in existing coins to using the currency at a retail level, Deki will walk you through the fascinating world of decentralized banking. There’s no more government interference or oversight; this is the wild west all over again—cryptocurrency’s value is based on the popularity of the specific brand of coin (and there are many) rather than gold, silver or some other real-world value.

“Cryptocurrency is the next generation of the financial system and has endless potential. There’s a not-so-quiet revolution going on, and I want to help people be part of it.”
 – Deki Markovic

Comprising of 18 easy-to-read chapters, Cryptocurrencies is a comprehensive guide to digital currency. The book traces the birth of cryptocurrencies as an alternative means of paying for goods or services, explains the technologies involved and the various ways people can get or buy digital currencies. For anyone wanting to know more about security in the cryptoworld, how to minimise risk and how to use offline wallets properly, Cryptocurrencies has the answers.

Written by an insider, the book also reveals some fascinating financial industry secrets which potential investors can leverage to their advantage. A fascinating read, and a book packed with essential information for anyone thinking about getting into this new market.

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