Step2Bed Inventor Vince Baiera Announces Solution To Help Millions Of Elderly Avoid Painful Fall Injuries And Costly Hospitalizations That Can Devastate Families

San Diego – The statistics are daunting. Each year, three million people age 65 and older accidentally fall in what has become a growing U.S. national epidemic that is largely preventable. 

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, each year more than one in four elderly people are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries.  Three out of five of those falls cause serious injuries such as broken bones or head injuries. As a result, over 800,000 elderly patients each year need to be hospitalized.  Three hundred thousand of those are hospitalized for hip fractures alone.  Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs.)  And falling once doubles the chances of falling again.

From 2007 to 2016, the fall death rate in the U.S. increased by a whopping 30%. If rates continue to rise as they have, the CDC estimates that by 2030,  the U.S. can reliably predict there will be 7 fall deaths among the elderly EACH HOUR.  In 2015 alone, falls among the elderly took more than $50 million out of the U.S. taxpayer funded Medicare and Medicaid systems.

Traveling ICU nurse Vince Baiera became aware of these painful statistics all too well.  When not busy working, Vince would frequently visit his grandparents who lived near by him in a small apartment, and who did so because like a lot of elderly they wanted to remain independent as long as possible.

As his grandparents continue to age, however, Vince noticed they were having increasing difficulty getting in-and-out of bed.  Ultimately, Vince’s grandfather, who was once a strong proud man but who grew extremely frail in his older years, fell multiple times due to his bed height being too high for him. Eventually, one day when Vince discovered his once able bodied grandfather laying on the floor, unable to get up for what turned out to be hours at a time, it broke Vince’s heart.

Haunted by that awful memory, Vince aspired to create a support tool that would allow his grandfather – and eventually other seniors like him – to have a far more optimal approach to getting in and out of bed, with the ultimate goal of helping families to feel good about knowing their loved ones were safe.

“In addition to my own personal experience, after 7+ years of having been an ICU RN, I saw firsthand all the ways that seniors continued to struggle with mobility,” Vince recently noted. “I knew that getting in-and-out of bed – along with getting up from a low seated chair — are the first two  things that can quickly lead to immobility for seniors.  So I decided to start from there.”

After years of painstaking research and exhaustive follow-up experimentation, Vince’s quest led him to create step2bed  — a modified step stool that could be used in the home or post-acute care settings to help individuals with mobility issues to remain independent longer. 

Vince’s step2bed design solution now draws on a simple patented system that combines the convenience of a perpendicular handrail, the utility of an extra wide step, and the capability to make adjustments that can fit all traditional size beds. Most importantly, its most critical design feature boasts a motion activated LED light that can automatically illuminate the step & surrounding floor at night, when most falls take place among the elderly who find they are needing to visit the bathroom more frequently.

“When I examined other products on the market catering to seniors like walkers, rollators, traditional step stools and more, I couldn’t find one that truly addressed the terrible issue my grandfather and I jointly experienced,” Vince elaborates. “So I decided to first research and then build in each design improvement I was able to identify to create the most optimal all-in-one solution.”

Vince’s passion and now resulting purpose in life is to support all senior citizens and help them to “age-in-place” with dignity while reducing the risk of falls so they can remain independent longer.  And results are speaking for themselves.

“Pauli – 92 – was forced to sleep on the couch because her bed sat too high,” Vince states. “After using the step2bed she finally was able to go back to the bed in her bedroom and felt comfortable getting in-and-out…”

“…Romi – 85 – had knee surgery and required a wheelchair to get around.  She added the step2bed to her room to help her transition from the wheelchair to the bed safely and independently.  This helped her feel much safer as she transitioned to moving home where she would be living alone.”

Supporting testimonials back Vince up:

“The step2bed gives my mom the confidence to get in and out of bed by herself.” – Vicki B.

“The step2bed makes it much easier to get in and out of bed every time.” – Paulie G.

“The step2bed allowed me to keep using my larger bed even though my mobility was decreasing.” – Tish

Having debuted his step2bed solution just a few months ago, Vince plans to focus on going straight to consumers through online point-of-sales and working with distributors and targeting large retail accounts.  His next biggest market involves patients with Comprehensive Joint Replacement (CJR) who are recovering from knee, hip and leg surgeries/injuries.

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And Vince is proud to reiterate how is product is truly different from anything else on the market.

“We stand behind our product with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee to all customers within 30 days of purchase,” he observes. “Having personally been forever changed by my grandfather’s tragedy, I’m now on a mission to eliminate as many physically, financially devastating – and preventable – fall injuries as possible.”

step2bed can be found on Vince’s personal website, on Shopify, Ebay and Amazon. Vince is particularly proud of the fact that after being on the market for only a few months, and with virtually no advertising, step2bed’s sales are already doubling each month.

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Vince Baiera began his career working as an ICU Nurse at The prestigious Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Hospital in the Cardiac ICU. After working as a traveling ICU Nurse and visiting numerous countries to expand his skills and knowledge, Vince ultimately decided to move from nursing to pursue healthcare consulting and teaching.

After teaching at Central Nursing College in Los Angeles, Vince decided to start Baiera Wellness Products, a wellness product development company designed to create solutions to support keeping seniors able and independent.

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