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Innovation, Quality and Convenience at Affordable Prices.
Top grade acrylic display that includes essential accessories for mobile devices.

11 Year Old Runs Mobile Electronics CS Business. 

Creativity, Innovation and Quality Was key to Max’s Success.

December 12, 2014. San Diego, California : Max Singer of Chula Vista started his own business when his father Ricardo Singer placed a cap on his personal expenses.

In a recent interview Max explains that his success has been the result of a simple formula: Fast and accurate customer service, innovation in products and the highest quality possible have been the recipe for success.

The exponential growth of mobile devices has created a new space in the mobile electronics market and with its newfound popularity and high demand prices as well as quality have dropped. SingTech Inc. focuses in the development and innovation of products with a high level of durability design at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

SingTech Inc’s product development team schedules yearly trips to Asia and Europe to see first hand the new trends, “we hold meetings with designers and manufacturers, we work closely with the factories and have our own staff supervising the entire sourcing process” mentioned Ricardo Singer, we are totally focused on customer satisfaction and creating tools for all people but mostly for those on the move with active lives, “people on the go”. We enjoy finding existing products and making them better, much better.

When you purchase a product manufactured by SingTech you are also earning our commitment of unparalleled quality, customer service, and total satisfaction.

About Our Company:

We are a young and dynamic company focused on unique and innovative products achieving total customer satisfaction. We understand that in a global market the must important factor in making a company sustainable is customer service and product quality as well as efficient service and fast delivery.

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Company Name: SingTech Inc.
Contact Person: Ricardo Singer
Phone: 619 507 2800
Country: United States