Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd Announces To Include their Panzhu Building Material Products in Exportimes Portfolio

Those who are interested to purchase surface protective film, energy saving rock wools and construction material veneer from Panzhu at wholesale prices can now purchase these products from Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Panzhu building material products are the hallmark of Fan Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd, and are well-known for their excellent quality. These exceptional products are now available with Exportimes, and they can export these products at wholesale prices to customers around the world. Exportimes plays an important role of supplying trustworthy products and has a well-organized global supply chain. This is the reason why any product available in their stock could be accessible globally.

Fan Fei (Beijing) Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd Announces To Include their Panzhu Building Material Products in Exportimes Portfolio

According to the spokesperson of Exportimes, they have the China Panzhu surface protective film in their portfolio that features the innovative double layer waterproof design. This unique film can be recycled and reused and is completely environment-friendly. Besides being excellent moisture-proof, the film is also very good wear and tear resistant and is also anti-collision. The film can have a variety of applications in the building and construction industry and can be used as a facing for glass wool insulation. It can also be used for under-roof decking and as a thermal insulation in floors, walls and crawl spaces. The spokesperson reveals that this protective film has its specific application in commercial and industrial buildings and can be used for blocking the radiant heat coming into the building. Thus, it can be helpful in maintaining a friendly indoor temperature during the summer, while by retaining the heat it can create ambient warmth during the winter.

Another important product from Panzhu in the portfolio of Exportimes is the energy saving rock wool. This rock is made from high quality basalt, dolomite and other raw materials and could be an excellent building material. The spokesperson states that all these raw materials are melted at a temperature above 1450℃ and fibers are formed following the centrifuging process. At the same time, binders, hydrophobic agents and dust-proof oil are sprayed over it to form an outstanding quality rock wool. The tri-way fiberglass scrim is also used as reinforcement and which plays the role of a barrier against moisture and vapor. This wool has an excellent application in air-conditioning duct works and cold rooms.

The spokesperson of Exportimes states that they can customize the specification of the Panzhu products according to the requirements of the client. For example, clients can order for custom-made construction material veneer with different thicknesses, widths, and heights. The veneer contains the fabric of aluminum foil or polypropylene and the water soluble adhesive is used. The tri-way glass fiber mesh is used as reinforcement and has a high surface smoothness and an excellent light reflectivity.

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