Muayfit, Asia’s Top MMA Gym, Launches MFIT, a Cryptocurrency for the Global Fitness Industry

Muayfit, one of the longest-running mixed martial arts gyms in Asia, is pleased to announce the launch of its crypto coin, MFIT. The coin has been launched to reward Muayfit’s loyal base of gym owners, event organizers, sponsors and over 500 fighters and 12,000 members. MFIT has been listed and can be bought from the global exchanges, Crex24, Escodex, Stex, and BiteBTC.

MFIT is a new cryptocurrency for the fitness industry, especially the hot and happening mixed martial arts. The coin will enable instantaneous payment processing worldwide at minimal fees. More than that, MFIT will also come with specialized apps, products and services to increase demand and usage in the global wellness market. Muayfit alone has over 100,000 supporters on social media channels.

For those interested in earning passive income, MFIT has a special program based on Masternodes. Masternodes enable instantaneous payments, and node holders earn rewards every day with newly mined MFIT coins. Anyone with the required amount of collateral can set up a masternode. Another feature is staking, where stakeholders earn daily rewards. MFIT also carries high liquidity, and can be traded on multiple exchanes. Investors can thus earn arbitrage on their trades. 

MFIT aims to transform the fitness industry with some truly exciting projects over the next 12 months. Come join the revolution!” says Machine GAN, co-founder, Muayfit.

MFIT is based on the Quark algorithm, and has a total supply of 10 million, of which 80,000 are pre-mined. The MFIT blockchain rewards node holders daily, and the return on investment depends on the number of masternodes and the collateral committed to the network.

Muayfit will be adding new features and high profile services around MFIT as per its roadmap to increase adoption and usage. These include commercial development and launch of the MFIT shop and acceptance of the coin at all MuayFIT gyms mobile wallet, and listing on global exchanges.

Managed by co-founders Paul TEO, Machine GAN and Raymond LEW, Muayfit is one of the longest-running mixed martial arts gyms in Asia. Over the 8 years, it has conducted more than 30,000 classes in 18 disciplines including Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, Pilates and Yoga. In 2011, Muayfit became the first Malaysian network partner of ONE CHAMPIONSHIP, the largest MMA organization in Asia, with a global viewership base of over 1 billion. Since 2011, Muayfit has numerous of its fighters signed as a professional with ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. Today, Muayfit has a network of 4 gyms and multiple affiliate gyms across Asia. It has a membership database exceeding 12,000.

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