South Farmingdale, NY – Dylan Cruthers proudly announces his candidacy for the 2018 election for Commissioner of the South Farmingdale Fire District. Dylan Cruthers is running to bring fresh ideas and independence to the South Farmingdale Fire District Board of Commissioners.
“South Farmingdale needs an independent commissioner,” Dylan Cruthers said. “Every commissioner currently on the board has long standing ties to the department. I understand and respect the value that their subject matter expertise adds. However, the perspective I can bring to the Board as an independent commissioner, with fresh ideas is also valuable.”

Corporate governance experts have pushed the adoption of independent directors as a best practice since the collapse of Enron. Inspired by his background in corporate compliance Dylan Cruthers realized that the South Farmingdale Fire District could similarly benefit from an independent commissioner. As an independent commissioner Cruthers will improve performance by providing new insights. And because he does not need to worry about retaining a position within the department after his term, he can be more objective.
“Dylan has firefighting in his blood, with his Uncle, Frank Cruthers being the Chief of Department and Assistant Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and Dylan has nothing but love and compassion for the fire service.” Said Ryan Tortoso, Chief of Department in the neighboring Village of Farmingdale Fire Department. “I feel Dylan will be a great attribute to the fire service, the South Farmingdale Fire Department and its members along with the residents.”
Cruthers’ uncle and grandfather are the only father and son in the FDNY’s history to both serve as Chief of Department. Raised in that inspired environment Dylan too has dedicated himself to public service. Cruthers founded and ran for ten years the award-winning charity toy drive Kids Helping Kids, which collected thousands of toys during the holiday seasons. Cruthers has served on the Village of Farmingdale’s Downtown Revitalization Committee and volunteered around the world. At his law school Cruthers participates in the Community Law Clinic providing free legal services to small businesses and nonprofits.  

“I am proud to support Dylan’s candidacy.” Frank Cruthers said. “He has already shown a strong commitment to public service, and will bring an intelligent objective perspective to address the needs of both taxpayers and practitioners. Dylan has a passion for good government. He appreciates the challenges and very real dangers met by first responders and the contributions that they make to public safety and quality of life. Your vote for Dylan is a vote for fiscal responsibility and transparency, as well as creative approaches to recruitment, training, and retention of emergency medical and firefighting personnel.”
Priority number one for Cruthers is recruitment and retention. That priority dovetails with Cruthers’ commitment to fiscal responsibility by reducing the district’s vast accumulation of unrestricted funds.  
“Like many departments throughout our country our district is facing declining recruitment and finding retention problematic,” Dylan Cruthers said. “As Commissioner, I would advocate to make use of the department’s vast unrestricted funds-that is taxpayer money not being spent on services-to develop a more robust juniors program that can remain competitive with our neighboring departments.”
Neighboring departments, such as the Village of Farmingdale, allow junior members to respond to emergencies in a limited capacity. By providing a similar program the South Farmingdale Fire District will be better positioned to recruit young members. Furthermore, that experience will make for better trained probationary firefighters as they transition out of the juniors program.  
To improve retention Cruthers will also advocate earmarking funds for morale-boosting efforts such as renovating the members’ areas of the firehouse. “We can and should provide our volunteers with an up to date physical environment where teambuilding can take place,” Cruthers said.
Dylan Cruthers, a Farmingdale native, is a law student in his final year at Wake Forest University School of Law. He is a passionate advocate of our community, who has served on the Village of Farmingdale’s Downtown Revitalization committee. Cruthers continues to serve as a Local Board Member of the Selective Service System, having been nominated by Governor Cuomo and appointed by the Director of the Selective Service System on behalf of President Obama.
Learn more about Dylan Cruthers and his campaign by visiting www.cruthersforcommissioner.org.

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