Hiken Coin – An investment that promises utility, bonuses and appreciation.

Earlier this month, the Hiken Coin was introduced in the cryptocurrency market. Essentially a utility token, it has been created in order to facilitate multiple services on innovative blockchain services. The Hikenex Exchange being the first venture has already been launched in the market earlier this year.Seventh month into its establishment, the Hikenex exchange is growing stronger and going steady this year.

According to reports, the exchange has focused on security strengthening and operational fixes. Launched first in February’ 2018, the exchange received tremendous traffic, support as well as appreciation within three months of its launch when it got listed on Coincodex amidst other top exchanges. The success of Hikenex Exchange continued to soar as only two months later, the exchange has found a place on Cryptocompare, continuing the soaring legacy as it later also got listed on livecoinwatch. With fifty coins already listed on the exchange, its approximately half million user base generates about 1 million trading volume. Interested cryptocurrency enthusiasts can buy the Hiken coin exclusively on the Hikenex exchange.

The Hiken Coin will be used as utility token on every blockchain-based platform that Hiken launches. When these tokens are received by Hiken in exchange of the provided services – they will be burned, with the motive of reducing the total Hiken Coin supply. The token burning will continue until 50% of the total Hiken Tokens are burned. This reduction in supply would drive the demand for the Hiken Token, thereby increasing its value. Thus the increased value will consequentially ensure handsome returns for all users.

Currently the Hiken coin is majorly used as a utility token to streamline trading on the Hikenex exchange. The Hiken Coin users will directly be able to pay for services like listing coins, ICOs, trading bots, gaining insights, analytics, reports etc. using the Hiken coin on Hikenex platform. To ensure maximum optimization of blockchain technology, the Hiken platform has incorporated the use of a Multichain Platform. Enabling a closed blockchain system, either between organizations, or within organizations; it ensures, that at any given point of time, a blockchain consists of only those transactions which are of interest to its users, resolving the problem of scalability. The complete Multichain working is managed by permissions. The admin has absolute control to restrict the right of sending or receiving to a given list of addresses. Admin also gets complete control over deciding who can mine on the respective blockchain.

 For traders who are interested to stay invested in the Hiken Coin, Hiken has created the Hiken Wallet, introducing a parking bonus for Hiken investors. If a trader parks his/her coin in the Hiken wallet for 3 months, he/she receives a bonus of 20%. With a parking of 6 months in the Hiken Wallet, the user is entitled to a bonus of 50%. To claim a whopping bonus of 120%, investors must park their coin in the Hiken Wallet for a year. While the referral incentive helps the user to earn Hiken Coin without spending anything out of his/her pocket; the parking bonus and appreciation makes Hiken Coin not only a useful cryptocoin, but also a worthy investment. 

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