Worldie Social Media Platform Launches on StartEngine

New social media platform designed to connect people and companies with ethics and social responsibility in mind

Social media has been in the spotlight lately for a myriad of reasons, specifically for censoring users and selling their information to marketers. These trends have left many consumers worried, and many feel they have no alternative for safer, smarter social media.

The team at Worldie aims to change this by offering social media from a fresh, new perspective.

Worldie’s platform is already live, and anyone can go to the website now and sign up for an account. Once they do so, they are plugged into an all-in-one social network that encourages free speech without a cloud of censorship.

The team at Worldie wants to continue the improvement of their platform. As it stands, the platform has welcomed new users without the need for any paid advertising. In addition, Worldie wants to add a strong presence in the App Store and Google Play. As it stands, the platform has self-funded.

Now, the Worldie team has announced a campaign on StartEngine. Through this campaign, Worldie is sharing its innovative features with the world while working to raise capital for streamlining and improving the platform.

In addition to the current features below, Worldie intends to add a number of features, including social marketplace modules and content such as rentals, crowdfunding, chats, activities, user customization, and much more. Over time, the platform looks to extend into new horizons such as gaming, rides, foods & drinks, and more.

List of features to date:

Feeds | posts | video channels |  photo walls | groups | pages | events | profiles, friends/contacts | notifications | social buttons | messages | and meet with match ups. 

The key to keeping their platform an ethically sound, socially responsible company and social media network will including advertising, sponsoring, social marketplaces, transaction commissions, monetization, and donations.

People and companies around the world have a first opportunity to invest in Worldie now by investing at StartEngine. There is a $100 minimum investment, and perks include an e-mail from the founder, progress updates, the opportunity to shape Worldie with recommendations and feedback, and even the ability to offer a role in advising.

“Worldie is a socially responsible leader and values the Consumer Bill of Rights, Political Neutrality, and Free Speech We act with ethics, transparency, and integrity. We value you as a consumer, rather than as a product,” said a spokesperson for Worldie.

To date, Worldie has spent nothing on marketing but continues to grow. Built on a robust platform with features that people around the world crave in light of the negative side of social media, Worldie is poised for massive growth. Details can be found at

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