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“Post exercise recovery, repair, relief.”
CBD Go Black, a fantastic post exercise CBD supplement powder created by bodybuilder and gym owner Gabe Moen. CBD Go Black contains 1,000 MG of the purest hemp derived CBDs plus essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids, and electrolytes. Try this delicious drink mix in your favorite juice or water. With two great flavors like Cherry Lime OG and Strawbery Dream you can’t go wrong with CBD Go Black.

Products containing CBDs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their therapeutic effects. CBDs have been found to reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, relieve joint pain, and preserve muscle mass, just to name a few applications! With these benefits the sports nutrition applications for CBDs are quite promising!

At GStandard Nutrition we are determined to be ahead of the curve in the sports nutrition industry. We believe we have succeeded in that endeavor with our new product CBD Go Black. Orginally CBD Go Black was developed by bodybuilder and gym owner Gabe Moen in order to help a family member over come a muscle related health condition that she had been suffering from since childhood. Now Gabe and everyone else at GStandard Nutrition want others to enjoy the fantastic benefits of taking CBD Go Black.

CBD Go Black is a water soluble fruit flavored powder containing 1,000 MG of CBDs. Derived from canopy grown hemp, our CBDs are as pure and high quality as possible. We have also included a complete blend of post exercise nutrients such as essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids, and electrolytes.

CBD Go Black will reduce inflammation, help preserve muscle mass, and provide a pleasant calming affect. It will help you settle down and heal after a long workout, marathon, swim, or any other activity that just takes it out of you! All of this combined will result in a more pleasant and faster recovery time.

Other than it’s superior therapeutic benefits, there is one advantage that CBD Go Black has over other CBD and post exercise nutrition products: the price point. Purchasing 1,000 MG of CBD oil and a post exercise supplement powder typically cost between 150-200 dollars. However we offer both of those products in CBD GO Black for the suggested retail of 80 dollars for brick and mortar stores, and 65.95 dollars for online retail. This is truly the best value in the industry.

And of course we cannot forget about the flavor! Why drink plain old CBD oil when you could get all the benefits of CBDs and a post exercise supplement in our delicious flavors of Cherry Lime OG and Strawberry Dream!

CBD Go Black is simply the most effective, affordable, and delicious CBD supplement in the industry.

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