Conny Gyura Is Bringing Fitness To The Airwaves With Her Radio Show

Holistic fitness expert Conny Gyura has expanded her coaching practice to include a popular fitness-themed radio show.

Helming her own informational and educational radio talk show, holistic personal trainer Conny Gyura of Conny’s Heath & Fitness Show ( is rapidly expanding her reputation as America’s next big radio personality and healthy living guru.

In addition to running her own radio show, Gyura is also the owner of Fit & Fight Your Holistic Gym. A former IFBB Fitness German, European, and World Champion, Gyura couples her background in holistic fitness with her magnetic persona to motivate her clients and radio listeners to make healthy life changes and place more emphasis on the benefits of personal health and fitness.

Through her show, Gyura is able to help listeners: gain the motivation to change their lives, learn about a holistic approach to health, increase their mental health by learning to change their points of view, find new and different solutions to their health problems, hear the latest health, fitness, and environmental information from the US and abroad.

Heard nationwide Conny’s Health & Fitness Show has a listenership that has grown from a few thousand to over 100,000 in just under two years. Having that many listeners, Gyura says, means that her words and advice make a big impact. Her greatest reward comes when her listeners call reach out to tell her about the changes they are making in their own lives.

“When I receive thank you emails from my listeners,” Gyura says, “that I ‘kick their rear’ and that I pushed them to start exercising or to cut back on sugar and alcohol? That’s really significant for me. They are making little changes in their lives, but these are really huge changes when you consider the whole picture concerning their overall health.”

Being a gym owner and a radio personality, Gyura has the opportunity to help some of her clients twofold. One gym member, Fran Haft of Pompano Beach, Fl., is also an avid listener of Conny’s Health & Fitness Show.

“I motivated her to start exercising six years ago at my gym. Now, she is 78 and working out three times per week with weights in personal training and twice a week with Nordic Walking,” Gyura reports. “She is in better shape than some of my 25-year-old clients. She has no balance issues anymore and boasts strong legs and great core strength. She is just unbelievable!”

While it’s easy to see the value in increasing the strength of her individual personal fitness clients, Gyura sees additional value in her position as the host of Conny’s Health & Fitness Show.

“I see myself motivating Americans to change their lifestyles in small steps,” she says. “Every step is reducing their health care bill. Every step means fewer illnesses like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or obesity. All in one, I see a healthier and stronger America.”

Gyura prides herself on producing a radio program that is full of information, but also, down to earth and easy to comprehend. Of herself she says, “I am highly energized, stubborn, and willing to kick everybody’s rear end to turn a healthy way into a healthy habit!”

Additionally, Gyura has her set her sites on breaking into television. “I am working on my very own television program,” Gyura says. “Keep an eye out for when it airs the first time!”

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