Aspire To College Helps Students Transition Seamlessly From High School To College

Aspire To College helps students with learning challenges gain entry into and find success at their chosen college or university.

When planning for college, students and parents often require assistance creating strategies for traditional and “Learning Differenced” applicants.  With Managing Director,  Karen Robinson and Aspire To College (, that process is made simpler and easier to navigate.

“We provide college counseling, advocacy, and navigation support for students as a bridge between access and success in college,” Robinson says.

Working with Aspire To College, clients can expect assistance with: candidacy building, application counseling, intensive case management support for the “Learning Differenced”, advocacy services, and navigation services.

Aspire To College bridges relationships with college admissions, retention specialists, students and their support systems, to facilitate the transition from high school to college.

“Our satisfaction is derived from helping a student fulfill their dream of successfully achieving a higher education,” Robinson says. “Whether it is a student seeking to attend an Ivy League institution or one with spectrum or behavioral related challenges who require a customized educational plan, our reward is seeing them experience the joy and success of college.”

Working as an advocate for their clients, Aspire To College helps students succeed at college by identifying the proper college and customizing the support services available.

Helping students achieve their dreams and become successful in post-secondary education is, Robinson says, the goal of Aspire To College.

“There is nothing more frightening for a student than arriving on campus and having to return home by mid-semester,” Robinson says. “Our value is to prepare the candidate and once accepted, advocate on behalf of the student, and navigate the campus with that student so they experience the success of college.”

Aspire To College offers additional value in ensuring that clients get proper, targeted support. In working as a liaison between students, families, and college administration, Aspire To College is able to provide the necessary combination of effort and motivation to keep students moving forward in a supportive college environment.

“Nothing is more defeating than having a dream but no means to achieve it,” Robinson says. “Our value is to guide a student in a manner that presents their best self, and then advocate for an environment that assures success.”

By using Aspire To College, parents and students are able to rely upon trained professionals to both guide their college decisions and to lay the proper framework that makes success possible.

“As an organization, we bring of blend of higher education admissions, institutional enrollment retention management, and case management  with the understanding that without the proper structure failure is inevitable,” Robinson says. “Prior preparation  prevents poor performance.”

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