Aetas Studios Prepares the Launch of New Anime Series “Secret”

While there are many anime television and web series, there are only a handful that compare to the new series by Aetas Studios “Secret.” “Secret” is the story of six Crimson Academy students who are offered the opportunity to rewrite past mistakes and start their lives over.  Not only is this series a breathtakingly beautiful rendering with intricate detail that rivals even the most beloved anime, “Secret” is an emotionally powerful story that taps into the emotional turbulence of youth that all viewers can appreciate.

Created by Aetas Studios, “Secret” promises to be an artistic masterpiece. Despite being produced on a shoestring budget, “Secret” is becoming one of the most anticipated new anime series of 2015.  By recruiting premier graphic artists, storytellers, and voice actors who are all as committed to the success of this series as production leader Johnmichael Carrabotta, this series is able to deliver first rate entertainment consistently over 25 new episodes starting in October 2015.

After months of design and development, the “Secret” production team is now satisfied with the aesthetics and is eager to complete this immense project.  However, this series will require the support of the public.  To produce the entire 25 episode first season, Aetas Studios will need at least $4,000 to complete the artwork for school facilities, main and extra characters, and voice acting.  To raise these funds, Aetas Studios has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter where you may offer financial support.  In return for generous contributions, you may receive perks like ringtones, signed artwork, signed scripts, T-shirts, posters, Skype party with creators, invitation to a recording session, voice role on the show, inspire a character design, or a trip to LA to meet Johnmichael Carrabotta. 

To learn more about “Secret” or to make a financial donation, please visit

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