JP Investigative Group Now Available Around The Clock To Take Enquiries and Report To Clients

JP Investigative Group now works a twenty four hour service seven days a week to maintain constant vigilance and ensure their clients are the first to know when there is a development in their case.

Private investigators perform an essential role for both individuals and businesses, capable of looking into immoral or potentially illegal activity when the police cannot be called upon. However, many private investigations services use woefully outdated techniques that fail to monitor important new methods of communication. JP Investigative Group is on the cutting edge of 21st century investigation, and has gone further, to implement round the clock response service for new and existing clients.

JP Investigative Group investigates civil, domestic, legal, governmental, corporate, and insurance investigation cases throughout the entire Eastern Seaboard, and can now update clients daily by email or via phone calls about developments in their cases. Our service also applies to individuals considering private investigation as a solution to their problems, who can call for a free consultation.

The sign up process for a free consultation takes less than a minute to complete and users will then be contacted by a specialist to discuss the particulars of the case or arrange for a meeting to discuss the details in person. This can now be any time of the day or night to keep things as clandestine as possible.

A spokesperson for JP Investigative Group explained, “We understand the importance of having constant access to communication and having updates as soon as they are available. We also understand that normal operating hours would not permit people to meet with us without the potential to arouse suspicion either in the workplace or at home. By offering full, twenty four hour flexibility we help people understand that from the moment they contact us, no matter when that is, we will be working constantly on their behalf.”

About JP Investigative Group:

J.P. Investigative Group is committed to excellence and creating flexible solutions for their clients in the insurance, legal, and domestic industries. The courteous staff listens to clients’ needs and understands that each case has to be handled differently. JP Investigative Group seeks to remain an innovative investigative agency with the latest in technological advances to successfully and effectively close every case.

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