“PowerPoint, Prezi and Templates” – All at Presentation design services of Slidepanda

Starting from 9 am in the morning, to the next ten hours, Mara, creative designer at Slidepanda watches sternly at his laptop to understand and conceptualize the design to create the presentation for his client.

Whether you are presenting in a conference, client meet, marketing sessions or just a lecture with your students, the impact of presentation is vast. Mara, creative designer at Slidepanda, a well known PowerPoint presentation design agency based in India knows it well and is using his design expertise in client presentations to help business executives convey their message to their target audience.

Mara says, “Each designer has a distinct approach as far as creating presentations are concerned. We guide our designer to reflect what their instinct tells them when they look at the presentation. Presentation enhances the way people communicate and express themselves, and our idea is to create a Professional Presentation for the client that will support him to do the trick.”


1. Tell us about Slidepanda

We are a professional powerpoint presentation design agency based in India providing services of Presentation design from simple investor pitchdecks to more complex and sophisticated business presentations.

2. There are several PowerPoint design agencies. According to you, what makes slidepanda stand out?

Yes, ofcourse, there are many PowerPoint design agencies and there are too many PowerPoint formatting services as well. Design is not formatting. We create unique and premium PowerPoint designs for the client’s at the most affordable pricing. When it comes to important presentations involving complex diagrams, charts and text intense slides, slidepanda seem to be the most favoured option.

3. From being a single member to a team of designers now, how do you look back at your journey?

It has been extremely fulfilling. We have not planned anything specifically that we would be this many people at this time, it just the clients who were happy with our work gave us more work which has made us what we are now. With the rise in need to constantly provide presentations in meetings & conferences, letting some steam off by outsourcing the presentation designs to creative designers seems a natural choice for business executives & consultants.

Moreover, professionals across fields specifically marketing, sales, finance etc are increasingly of the view that experiencing fresh designs adds value to their presentations and that converts the whole process.

4. What is your opinion on freelance designers who work on freelance websites?

There are good freelancers out there, who do really good job but at the same time, there are whole lot of people who claim to be designers on freelance portal. Its better to completely go through their profile and reviews before deciding on them. Well, if it’s a question whether to hire freelancers in place of professional design team like us, then it depends on the priority & the significance of the presentation. If formatting and basic design is all that is needed, then hiring freelancers would do, but if I am the client, I wouldn’t risk my important business presentation giving it to amateurs, especially when the cost implication would almost be the same.

5. What difference could a professional design make?

Every single aspect of the presentation counts. A professional presentation is packed with a design that helps understand the message, idea as well as the purpose and builds the bridge to pass on the communication to the audience. This is something that a normal presentation can never match up to.

The work of slidepanda is known for its freshness and innovative PowerPoint slide designs. Presentation is not just a piece of information – beneath the slides lie many ideas & innovations, a legacy preserved across business space for transmitting the communication effortlessly & accurately.

6. Can you give us an insight on how the entire process works?

We request the client to forward the content or the existing old presentation and after a detailed discussion with our team, we come up with a theme that is inline with their branding. Our team then designs 3-4 slides and sends it for approval of client and once it is approved, we proceed with the rest of the slides in the same style. This way, communication with our client is perfectly established and that shows in our work.

PowerPoint Presentation design services. With a team of designers having 10+ years of experience, slidepanda provides professional presentation design services.

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