CEO, Militarydogtag, Inc. Emphasized On the Quality Standard of the Company

Militarydogtag, Inc. CEO, Scott Johnson, Emphasized on This Today at the Company’s Annual Meeting.

Militarydogtag, Inc., a dog tag collector company specializing in the production of customized metallic dog tags, stated how the company has been able to maintain the highest quality standard in dog tags production. The purpose of this statement was to remind people how the company has managed to ensure USA quality standard in their products despite operating in Malaysia. This is to boost the confidence of customers letting them know reasons they are the best dog tag producer in the world. To maintain quality in their production, they are working with the best American manufacturers for the highest quality USA mil-spec stainless steel available.

Militarydogtag, Inc., is dedicated to assistingthe customers to get the highest standard military dog tags, in the market. They have discovered how much people need customized military dog tags with their address and names and have chosen to make that possible. Their products are made in different designs and styles with embossed text to make it the best choice for buyers around the world. The Chipped WWW11 tag is among the specially designed dog tags bespoke to the needs of an individual customer.

Scott Johnson, the CEO of the company speaking with the press has this to say, “Militarydogtag, Inc., is working with American manufacturers and suppliers to make sure our dog tags are made in the United States of America from the best quality United States mil-spec stainless steel achievable. Our embossing process, usually takes place in Malaysia, before being shipped to customer’s doorstep around the world.”

The meeting attracted the attention of a large audience from different cities to hear out what the company had to say. Among the group of people spotted in the meeting were military enthusiast dog tag lovers, parents with children, tag collectors, suppliers, and resellers. One of the participants at the meeting said, “I am a happy repeat customer of Militarydogtag, Inc. I have ordered dog tags several times for various groups, functions or gifts and have always been well-satisfied every time with the quality product and capability to deliver in record time. But, before then, I was skeptical about the quality standard of the company. Hopefully, this announcement will help people understand better about the quality the company has to offer.”

With the large crowd witnessed in this meeting, it cannot be wrong to say the meeting was indeed a success. People from all walks of life were present in this meeting. Parents, trainers, retired military personnel and those who have an interest in buying military dog tags were present at the meeting. With a grateful heart, a participant of this meeting said, “Militarydogtag, Inc. is truly a company that believes in quality and ready to work hard to make it happen. They have always set the pace for other companies to follow. With this announcement, I am optimistic that, the company will experience higher patronage from people.”

Those that will like to get more information from this company to learn about their best quality standard product can check on their official website at

Militarydogtag, Inc. remains the dog tag collector company working closely with US suppliers and manufacturers of top-notch mil-spec stainless steel in the market. Not only are they ensuring quality and customization, but they are also delivering as promised to customers around the world.

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