Uranium Network launches the ICO for the Uranium Network Token

Innovative Ethereum-based freelance marketplace, Uranium Network, announces the launch of the ICO for its digital currency, the Uranium Network Token

Uranium Network has announced the initial coin offering for its cryptocurrency, the Uranium Network Token, allowing everyone and anyone to be a part of the innovative platform that is looking to change the world of freelancing forever. Uranium Network is a freelance marketplace that is looking to help users of the platform including buyers and sellers, in this case, service providers and other freelancers enjoy the benefits of transacting using digital currency.

The world of freelancing has experienced significant growth over the years, with experts predicting that more than 50% of job seekers and workers in general across the world are in one form of freelancing or another. While the industry continues to grow every day, freelancers and other users of the several freelancing platforms have been faced with several challenges, which include the safety and security of their financial details. These challenges are several others are what Uranium Network is looking to offer an effective solution to with the use of the blockchain technology and Ethereum to be precise.

The initial coin offering of the Uranium Network Token is scheduled to run in 3 different rounds starting from the 20th of November and will run till the 20th December 2018. A total of 100 million Uranium Network Tokens is estimated to be supplied during the ICO, spread across the 3 rounds.

Each of the rounds will last for 10 days, with each round coming with its respective bonus, allowing buyers of the token to enjoy amazing bonuses that could go as high as 35% depending on the volume of the purchase. The first round of the ICO will run from the 20th of November till the 30th of November, while round two of the initial coin offering will start immediately from November 30 to December, 2018. The last round of the ICO will run from December 10 to 20th December 2018.

The raised funds will be used for different purposes in a bid to bring the Uranium Network initiative to live. Some of the uses of the raised fund include the development of the platform, which will take a significant part of the fund. Other uses of the fund include marketing, cryptocurrency exchanges, partnerships as well as laws and regulations.

There is also a chance for buyers to get amazing gifts if 3 Eth or more worth of UNT is bought. The gifts will be shipped directly to the home of the buyer with free shipping.

More information about the initial coin offering of UNT can be found on the website and the whitepaper. Uranium Network is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram.

About Uranium Network

Uranium Network is an Ethereum-based freelance marketplace that is looking to effectively integrate the blockchain technology into the freelancing world. The innovative platform aims to change the world of freelancing for the better, making it safer and more secure.

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