Canadians Should Make Better Use of Family Therapy, Says Toronto-based Holistic Clinic

HHC Center is committed to strengthening the family life of Toronto residents and surrounding communities by therapeutically addressing a wide range of both child and adult conditions and disorders.

Holistic Healthcare Center, a specialist clinic offering integrated health and wellbeing solutions for physical and mental health concerns, is dedicated to raising awareness among Canadians regarding the scientifically proven effectiveness of family therapy across at least 72 conditions, including internalizing disorders, such as mood disorders, eating disorders; mixed disorders (anxiety disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, autism), trauma and bereavement, addiction, situational violence, relationship distress, psychological functioning and goal attainment, psychosocial factors related to medical conditions, among many others. HHC Practitioners have a deep understanding of how intricate family dynamics and circumstances are in modern society and the extensive experience required to make every treatment plan patient-centric and customized.

“There is no such thing as a typical family and we have reached this conclusion following years of hands-on experience and continuous research. Addiction rates are at an all times high, so are chronic and mental illnesses. Sadly, domestic violence and sexual abuse rates are still rising: it’s devastating to learn that at every minute of every single day a Canadian woman or child is being sexually assaulted or physically abused. It is also true that parent-child relationships have shifted in the past couple of years, with the emergence of new technologies, social media and other social trends. As human beings living in the 21st century we are facing unique challenges and learning how to deal with first-in-history situations so it’s only natural to encounter difficulties sometimes. Many people still shy away from seeking professional support and we are trying to break that pattern, to let them know it’s okay to go to therapy even if it’s just to improve communication between family members. It is in no way a bad sign or an embarrassing situation, quite the contrary it shows you are willing to work hard to fix issues that are out of your hands.” – Holistic Healthcare Center executive said.

Family therapy is typically a short-term program lasting between a couple of weeks and 6 months and aimed at helping family members overcome a specific issue or crisis and equip them with the right tools to form meaningful relationships and re-establish balance in their family.

About Holistic Healthcare Center

HHC Centre is a truly unique establishment which holistically combines therapies aimed at healing the mind and the body. A multi-skilled team of therapists and counsellors and holistic practitioners offer comprehensive counselling, therapy services and alternative medicine interventions such as chiropractic, acupuncture, osteopathy, registered massage therapy, homeopathy and even yoga, meditation and life coaching. Their patients benefit from a truly integrated approach where every issue has a solution, regardless of its nature.

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