Men Most Likely To Relapse When They’re Celebrating, Vancouver Drug Rehab Centre Warns of Triggers

Continuous self-care is essential when relapse seems to always be one sip or one hit away and men deal with specific triggers when it comes to this, particularly on occasions of successful, celebratory events.

Inspire Change Wellness, a highly regarded addiction treatment centre dedicated to men across the area of Vancouver, wants to promote dialogue and bring a crucial issue upfront affecting men recovering from a substance abuse. Science1 continues to demonstrate that men who are working to maintain their sobriety often relapse when they are at their highest point and are feeling extremely good about themselves. While celebrating success and boosting self-confidence are greatly important, the feelings men typically associate with these circumstances are entrenched in power, control and pride which can make one susceptible to overlook a backslide.

“Men experience addiction more severely and they are more likely to develop multiple substance abuses. They also facing a different kind of stigma than women do, which is not less debilitating, but simply different. Societal pressures lead to unattainable expectations, superficial labels and generate guilt and shame, even after someone has gone through detox and rehab. These pressures are also fuelling relapse triggers. Men crave power and feelings of invincibility and when they gain that, combined with the wrong entourage and circumstances, they are exposed to fall back thinking everything’s under control. It usually isn’t and we want to make sure everyone is aware of the dangers of that,” a key Inspire Change Wellness representative commented.

Proper addiction aftercare and continuous education about recovery are the two most valuable pieces of advice the Centre wants to promote. Equally, when a man feels good and successful, it is important to be able to mark that milestone in a healthy manner and by finding new ways of celebrating. It is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain progress, especially with temptations widely available everywhere, which is why it matters now more than ever to fully recognize the hard work of men staying clean and sober.

Inspire Change Wellness strongly believes that support does not end when the program does. Their aftercare programs ensure everyone can stay connected and receive ongoing, long-term support.

Inspire Change Wellness encourages every man who finds themselves struggling with an addiction related issue or having a close someone at risk, to contact them at (888) 277-2145.


Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Centre for Men proactively works to help relieve the burden of addiction among men in Vancouver. A licensed team of professionals works hard every day to offer comprehensive treatments to clients of various ages and backgrounds. The centre excels at helping men transition to a sober, healthy life in a holistic manner which is more challenging to do in a co-ed setting. By promoting the ability to tell their addiction stories in a safe environment designed to heal, the centre has a proven track-record of success.

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