Company Helps Reduce Nutrition-Related Chronic Disease in Toronto with Delicious Meal Plans Delivered At Their Door

Healthee Kitchen delivers boxes containing carefully planned meals with a wide range of health benefits to Canadians who are always ‘on-the-go’ and lead either active or sedentary lifestyles.

Healthee Kitchen, an innovative Toronto-based food delivery business packed with health benefits, is determined to reduce the ever-growing number of chronic disease among Canadians by giving them more help to make healthy dietary choices. Among a wide range of options, Healthee Kitchen’s 2000-2200 KCAL plan also known as The Active Lifestyle Meal Plan aims to break the cliché dictating food delivery must be unhealthy, junk food by offering nutritiously delicious meal and snack options planned for every day of the week. Unlike other food delivery services, every breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between snacks are the result of collaborative efforts between a top chef and a nutrition specialist and are designed to help health-conscious clients that find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating regime due to their lifestyles.

With a shocking four in five Canadian adults1 have at least one amendable risk factor for chronic disease, such as physical inactivity or unhealthy eating habits, the Healthee Kitchen services are now more important than ever.

One of the executives at Healthee Kitchen recently stated, “By combining fresh, healthy, delicious meals with individual eating plans, we can deliver on our vision to making Canada healthier nation. Our plans incorporate a variety of mouth-watering recipes that are surprisingly nutritious, for example breakfast menus can include Greek style omelet with whole grain toast, sandwiches, cereals with fruits and nuts, mushroom and cheese crepes while for lunch and dinner, customers can enjoy consistent options of chicken stuffed peppers, roast beef, steaks, stews, teriyaki salmon, soups and garden salads, among many others. We don’t overlook snacks either and allow for two nibbles every day from a wide variety of options. It is safe to say our extensive range of authentic meal plans champions the finest recipes and products and we are delighted by the feedback we’re getting from our clients who have made Healthee Kitchen a weekly must.”

Customers can choose from a flexible delivery schedule from several days, weeks, several weeks or a month to ensure the food is as fresh as possible, waste is avoided and the appropriate level of energy is maintained throughout. Complete2000-2200 calories meal plan schedule, delivery and related products available here:

About Healthee Kitchen

Created for Canadians looking for meals that are both healthy and tasty, the Healthee Kitchen concept builds around the idea that achieving optimal health is not a result of fixed diets, but healthy eating habits practiced on a daily basis. All meal plans are based on an ideal balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates combined with scrumptious flavour. Their plans eliminate the need for food shopping, cooking, calorie calculation and cleaning, freeing up our clients’ time to do more with their day.

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