The Most Anticipated Call App of Recent Years ‘CallingFor’ To Finally Be Launched

CallingFor is a mobile application that allows a caller to simply pre-select or give an explanation for why they are calling.

Nov 20, 2018 – The CallingFor mobile application’s beta version will be launched in less than 40 days after much anticipation and promise. The application is designed to improve the caller identification process by making it easier, aiming to change how the call process looks and feels.

Over the years, mobile applications such as TrueCaller and numerous others have made it easy to identify one’s callers. But, their features have been limited to ‘displaying the name or telephone number of callers when making and receiving wireless calls’.

Although this has made it possible for users to know who’s trying to contact them (and also tell them when not to pick up), removing all uncertainty and separating the important stuff from the noise, has not been enough. It is important to know “who” is calling, but more detailed information on “why” they are calling, cannot be gotten from these apps.

Enter CallingFor

CallingFor aims to correct this limitation, and would not only allow a user to see names of callers, but would also give an in-depth explanation of who they are, and why they are calling.

How It Works

CallingFor allows a caller to simply pre-select or give an explanation for why they are calling. This allows the persons receiving the call to have the necessary info they need before they pick up the phone. CallingFor comes with other in-app features that include callback reminders and schedule sharing, allowing users to set times when they can contact previous callers if maybe, they were too busy at the time they were called.

Answering and making phone calls has never been easier because now you have the power to know what your friends are calling for with the CallingFor app, hurry now to sign up for early access of the beta version!

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