ExShell got investment from more than 10 top VCs and presents ExShell Token!

Recently, more than 10 top investment institutions and well-known investors such as Consensus Lab, Turbo Capital, 8 Decimal Capital, LD Capital, and Crypto Capital jointly invested in ExShell, the world’s first digital financial exchange, with an investment amount of tens of millions of RMBs.

On November 1st, ExShell platform and the ET (ExShell Token) bounties were launched, which made ExShell famous in the industry. Its user amount has exceeded 400,000 in just one week. This has attracted the attention of countless investors.

The official said that on November 23rd, the upcoming ExShell Token (abbreviation: ET) is the ecological token issued by ExShell, the total amount is 2 billion, the issuance price is $ 0.1 per token, and there will never be additional issuance.

After ET launched, it can not only be used for deducting handling fees, but also for other application scenarios like airdrops, investor protection funds, management teams, global eco-investment funds, and community ecology, etc. 20% of ExShell’s net profit will be used to repurchasing ETs every quarter, and the repurchased ET will be destroyed immediately. When the total amount of repurchased ET reaches 30% of the total amount, the repurchase will stop.

The Official Announcement Shows That:

The repurchase arrangements of exchange in the first quarter

Amount: 20% of net profit for the first quarter of the exchange (From November 1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2019);

Price: the minimum price is 0.2 dollar; if the market price is more than 0.2 dollar, it will be repurchased at the prevailing market price;

Release time of repurchase announcement: From February 1st, 2019 to February 10th, 2019 (Details will be clarified in the announcement.).

The repurchase arrangements of exchange in the second quarter

Amount: 20% of net profit for the second quarter of the exchange (From February 1st, 2019 to April 30th, 2019);

Price: the minimum price is 0.3 dollar; if the market price is more than 0.3 dollar, it will be repurchased at the prevailing market price;

Release time of repurchase announcement: From May 1st, 2019 to May 10th, 2019 (Details will be clarified in the announcement.)

The continuous repurchasing program

After the completion of the second quarter repo, the continuous repurchasing program will be released ahead of schedule by a month in every repurchase announcement. The repurchased ET will be completely destroyed each time.

The repurchase will be ceased when the total amount of repurchasing reached 30% of the issued amount. As the numbers of ET decreases, its scarcity will be raised sharply.

It is reported that ET can be used to deduct all fees and rates in its full application scenarios as well as transaction fees in the exchange: In the first year, 50% for maximum, while that of the second year will be reduced to 25%, and will be further reduced to 12.5% in the third year. The payment discounts for other eco-scenarios include listing fees, leveraged loan charges, OTC service fees, token loan fees and withdraw fees, etc. The maximum deductions will be decreased year by year: The first year 20%; the second year, 15%; the third year, 10%.

The handling fee of ET is a huge preferential price. ExShell is also the first and only exchange directly marks the repurchase price. The strength is obvious to all. Investors have great expectations and confidence in the future of ET and ExShell.

The Token economy has just taken off, and ExShell has taken a forward-looking step in its ecological constructions. ET as the official “token” of ExShell, the world’s leading digital financial exchange, will achieve the growth of both parties in the value of investors and ExShell.

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