Smile and Grow Helps Australian Dentists Improve Their Businesses Through Premier Dental Marketing Solutions

Sydney, NSW Many individuals are realizing the value of having dentists in their lives. This has led to the sudden growth in the demand for dental services. However, dental competition has never been easy. Many dental firms are stepping up to serve the existing dental demands. This calls for strategic marketing to build a strong brand, generate new patients, and keep in touch with existing patients. In view of this, Smile and Grow offers result-producing dental marketing solutions to help Australian dentists to improve their business.

Smile and Grow is a digital marketing agency focused on serving the dental health care sector. The agency was founded by 2 like minded people, 1 of which also owns a dental clinic. By experiencing the first-hand struggles and challenges of many dentists in acquiring new patients and maintaining existing patients in their database, he decided to create a digital marketing agency to help his fellow dental clinic owners.

While many dentists are good in the areas of their dental practice, many of them miss it in the marketing and promotion of their practice. Many dentists do not have the time nor the required skills to market and promote their dental practice. Yet, failure to promote the clinic leads to stunted growth. This is the problem plaguing many dentists in Australia.

Through Smile and Grow, this dental marketing agency helps local dentists generate more interest and sparks additional enthusiasm for their dental practice. With the help of his digital marketing team, they help dentists to engage their audience and convert new practice patients through client’s dental websites. Smile and Grow dental marketing solutions help build awareness, get new patients. and keep existing patients.

“To help serve dental clinics with growing their operations, we offer combined digital marketing strategies tailored to the needs of each dental clinic,” says Nitin Mediratta. “Our team examines the need of each dental practice and tailors offerings to meet their needs.” The Digital marketing services offered include:

  • Social Media Marketing: Using blogging, digital newsletters, social networking, and other popular digital methods to promote dental clinics on social media.

  • Website SEO: Helping to get new business by making dental websites and related information easy to find for the respective patients.

  • New Patient Tracking: Using customer integration and tracking systems to understand the needs of patients and then focus on using strategies that work.

  • Social Networking: Building a loyal patronage by getting clients directly through to speaking with them at networking and social events in the community, sponsor charities, events, and other sorts of social events.

  • Email Marketing: Using email marketing to help dental practices keep their patients in mind.

  • Referral Points or Rewards: Offering promos through referring points or rewards.

  • Sharing Testimonials and Reviews: Building trust with target patients online or offline.

  • Google Ads: Generating immediate traffic and converting them into leads through Google AdWords and other Pay per click systems.

Smile and Grow is located at Suite 3 240 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, Sydney.
For inquiries, contact them via phone at 0290468484 or via email at Visit their website for additional information regarding their services.

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