FTM leads the way with the most secured fund

Slow & Steady Wins The Race…

The Tortoise & the Hare is a classic tale of “Erratic versus… Consistent.”

And we all know how that ended!

After the 2008 global financial crash… FTM began to reassess more viable strategies; with one simple goal in mind:

To create “the only investment strategy that could match the long-term market averages”… without ever being at the mercy of the markets.

In March 2010 they achieved their goal… and since then have consistently delivered predictable growth over the following 9 years

As can be witnessed by the solid track record of FTM’s existing share classes. 8 years + In Real life, audited track record.

With ROI from 8.87% to 10.58% annualized returns (net of fees)

Bringing a total return of 104.75%…Without a single losing month.

As FTM evolved, so did their mission; which has by now created a unique proposition: “The world’s best alternative investment strategy product”.

In which no client ever lost money!

FTM: Forget the Market. Follow The Money!

“After almost 10 years in the alternative investment space… we came to realize there had to be a better way… And that profit could always be determined at the time of purchasing guaranteed ROI Medical receivables.

The better the purchase price, the more protection was built in.”

No smoke, no mirrors and no uncertainty:

FTM-CFM only purchases “MEDICAL RECEIVABLES” from firms that are in financial difficulty and can no longer afford to carry the ongoing cost of receivables on their own…Or those firms who simply need additional funds to increase growth.

Investing solely in MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and pain management receivables, tends to be for much smaller amounts and, historically, settle faster and without requests for reductions.

MRI, Pain Management & Medical Records… are solid, proven returns.

Based on previous experience, 50%+ of these types of receivables funded are collected within the first 12 months with total collection within 30 months.

• Closed End Share Class – No dissolution of profits from addition of capital

• Fixed end date – Distribution of all proceed no later than month 30.

• Redemption possible at 12 and 24 months

• Targeting 30% return over 30 months.

According to their website: www.ftm-Investments.com 

“Forget the anxiety associated with risk on the stock market, forever hoping you are in the right investment… and smart enough to exit at the right time”.

Ftm leads the way with the most secured fund… with a host of awards and recognition for an amazing “no losses” in their 9 year track record.

Now could well be a good moment to find a more secure home for your savings.

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