Matthew Loughran Protects Small Business Owners From Predatory Merchant Service Contracts

Nationally recognized small business consultant Matthew Loughran of Velcro Pay, exposes predatory contracts in merchant services through the new Velcro Pay merchant service audit program. He is helping small business owners terminate poor contracts and increasing their cash flow.

“Let us face it… for small business owners negotiating credit card processing contracts with merchant service companies is an absolute nightmare. We have found that 8 out of 10 small business owners are unable to understand their statements. Rates are unclear, fees seem never-ending, and you seem to sign your life away only to get started,” says Loughran. “Enough is enough, starting and running a business is hard work and we believe every business owner deserves a fair deal, so that’s why we put together the merchant service audit program, to keep merchant service companies honest and help the success rate of small businesses.”

Maria Contreras-Sweet, the 24th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration, often speaks about the importance of small businesses in the United States driving job recovery.

“That’s 57 consecutive months we’ve added jobs – the longest employment growth streak since America started keeping track. November also marks 10 straight months we’ve added at least 200,000 jobs – a first since the tech boom of the mid-90s….this new trajectory is attributable to the success of America’s entrepreneurs and the resurgence of our nation’s small businesses. About 7 million of the 10.9 million jobs we’ve added back were created not by large corporation, but by startups and small enterprises,” Maria Contreras-Sweet stated.

The Velcro Pay merchant service audit program provides small businesses reassurance that they are not over paying for merchant services. The merchant service audit is done free of charge by Velcro Pay as well as a savings report will be generated if there are additional savings opportunities for the small business owner as Loughran shares his industry knowledge to educate small businesses. 

Velcro Pay’s audit program is not only theory but provides businesses real savings opportunities.

“As a business owner, I appreciate your company’s commitment to removing the mystery behind merchant services and offering clients a practical and affordable solution. Businesses need a FAIR opportunity to not worry about the costs behind the fine print and focus on serving their customers and clients. – THANK YOU!” – Gus of GoViral Marketing LLC.

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