Shocking Statistic Reveals Foot Disorders in 3 Out of 4 Children

Dr. Foot
Recent medical statistics provide a stark look into the future of children’s health but, Dr. Foot clinic is striving to make a change.

Canada – Nov 21, 2018 – A new statistic has revealed that 3 out of 4 children across the world grow up with some sort of foot disorder that is either left untreated or undiagnosed entirely. Lack of foot care in children can cause many serious issues later on in life. According to Dr. Foot clinic, an international chain of podiatric healthcare providers, foot problems in children can cause many serious health problems, the most concurrent problem being bad posture. 

Negatively affected posture reduces more than 20% of functional capability in a growing child, which is not only highly problematic but also very alarming. Dr. Foot has expanded internationally over the years and now provides specialized podiatric services for children and adults alike. With clinic locations across Canada, North America and the Middle East, the clinic works only with highly experienced children’s podiatrists in order to create a better future for the children growing up with foot disorders. 

A Dr. Foot representative addressed the blatant lack of attention on children’s foot health “Human life as we know it defined by movement. As humans, we rely on our feet every single second. This goes to show how grave the issue of neglected children’s podiatric health is. Our aim here at Dr. Foot is to provide highly regimented yet easily adaptable health care for children with foot disorders.”

The spokesperson also mentioned Dr. Foot’s endeavors to educate parents “We are highly proactive about raising awareness on the issues that we believe in. Not only do our physicians provide uncompromised care to every patient, but they also provide parents with educational resources to help them best take care of their child’s foot health needs.”

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