Urban Fiction Novel \’Press Ya\’ Bunk\’ Explores Alternative Perspectives inside Correctional Houses

Urban fiction has some polished gems lying underground, and one of them is ‘Press Ya’ Bunk’. Written by author K. Abrams and published in May 2012, ‘Press Ya’ Bunk’ explores the fearsome world of correctional houses from the very different perspective of its officers, and the tough mental battle fought by its female protagonist, Krystal. 

Krystal Ashanti Ashford is like any other well-meaning and good intentioned, young and naive woman, until she enters ‘The World of Corrections’. Before long, there is a five hundred dollar bet against her surviving for a year. Krystal must harden her skin, and keep her head high. Can she handle the pressure, and come out victorious?

Excerpt: “I glance towards the back of the room and notice a group of three or four men are also staring at me. Not the ordinary “I wonder who you are” stare, but the “I could eat you alive” stare. I guess I’m new meat. But this is one meal that they will never sample.”

Working as a Correctional Officer since 2000, K. Abrams began her career working with maximum security male population, and followed up with group elite training, focusing on specialized programs for rehabilitating male and female inmates with drug/alcohol issues. She has also worked with juvenile inmates, attempting to change thinking patterns.

All of the contemporary novels set in jails and prisons show the inmates’ points of view. This novel is different, as for the first time, it reveals aspects of these facilities that are otherwise unknown, such as how officers often put themselves in the line of danger to protect inmates from hurting themselves or each other,” says K. Abrams.

Living in Fort Meade, Maryland, K. Abrams worked as a correctional officer from 2000 – 2014, currently a small business owner. Her unforgettable experiences in this field made her pour out her thoughts and feelings in this urban fiction. K. Abrams is currently working on two more novels on the same theme, each written from a different angle.

‘Press Ya’ Bunk’ is available in perfect bound softcover, e-book and dust jacket hard cover editions from Author House, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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