iStand 6: a rechargeable iPhone 6 battery case with built-in stand and SIM card box

iStand 6 – All-in-one MFi battery case for iPhone 6.
In addition to providing 190 percent more power, this new product also protects the phone.

The immensely popular iPhone 6, with its 4.7-inch screen, has one serious flaw: low battery life. In addition, many users have reported that it is also easily damaged.

Shenzhen Esorun Technology, a Chinese manufacturer, has the answer.

It’s the iStand 6, a rechargeable iPhone 6 battery case, with a built-in stand design and SIM card box. It can be uses as a battery case, charging dock, vertical stand and extra Nano SIM card box.

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“It’s provides protection for your new iPhone 6 from scraping and damage and also features an internal 3500mAh battery as an extra power source,” said George Jiang, Marketing Director for Shenzhen Esorun Technology. “The vertical stand makes it excellent for video conferencing or viewing multimedia. Plus, the built-in SIM card box is designed for travelers so they can keep the extra SIM card safely.”

The iStand 6 power case, which weighs just 110 grams (less than four ounces) can serve as a charging dock, providing 190 percent additional power to the iPhone 6. It’s easy to use, with simple access to all buttons, voice windows for microphone and voice, earphone windows and extended earphone adapter for all earphones and black camera windows for free reflecting of flash light. Four LED indicators show the power levels.

 Solving several problems for your iPhone 6 all in one great accessory!
Solving several problems for your iPhone 6 all in one great accessory!

The iPhone 6 external battery pack prototype has performed well in laboratory testing. In order to bring this product to market, additional funding is needed for materials, advertising and legal fees. Jiang estimates this start-up capital to be $30,000.

Jiang and his team at Shenzhen Esorun Technology have launched an Indiegogo campaign to generate the necessary funding. The project is live now as of Monday, December 22, 2014 – 9:00 a.m. EST. The Indiegogo page can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome. For $40 ‘super early bird’ contributions, backers will receive a black iStand 6. That’s 60 percent off the retail price. For $120, you can get two iStand 6s in your choice of black, gold, silver gray or orange.

“As a businessman who travels extensively, I have to change to a local number and maintain my original SIM card very carefully,” explained Jiang. “But sometimes the Nano card gets damaged or just doesn’t work for some reason. I can’t afford to be without it so the SIM card box can be a real life-saver.”

For additional information, visit, the iStand 6 web page,; or the iStand 6 Facebook page,

Jiang can be reached directly at

Available in different colors!

Available in different colors!

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