Revealed: A New Energy Audit Software Improves Close Rates By 60% – Report Contractors and Retrofitters

Chicago, IL – LEDBiz, a maker of LED lighting retrofit software, is helping contractors, retrofitters, and ESCOs improve their close rates by as much as 60%. By using the energy audit software available through, professionals are able to make more accurate proposals and complete projects more efficiently.

As the benefits of LED lighting become more well-known, more and more businesses are switching out their old fluorescent bulbs for new LEDs. Compared with other types of bulbs, they are more efficient, environmentally-friendly, last longer, and are an overall better value for commercial buildings. The increased popularity of LEDs has created a major financial opportunity for professionals in the retrofitting industry. But even with all the benefits of LEDs, it can still be difficult to make a sale. Contractors need to be able to show their clients exactly how energy retrofit projects can improve their business. 

LEDBiz is helping to make closing these deals easier by providing contractors and ESCOs with comprehensive energy audit software. The software includes a proposal builder that allows retrofitters to browse more than 4,000 products to find the most cost-effective solutions for their clients and calculate NPV, ROI, and IRR. Being able to see an accurate return on their investment makes clients more likely to close, contributing to the 60% increased close rate for professionals that use LEDBiz.

In addition to the proposal builder, the company’s software solutions include a data collection application. The purpose of this app is to store data such as pictures, voice memos, and light meter readings so that it can be easily accessed. There is also a project management tool so that teams can set and keep track of project deadlines and receive text and email reminders about tasks. By making the project management process more efficient, LEDBiz’s energy audit app has become an invaluable tool for contractors and distributors looking to make their services more efficient and profitable.

LEDBiz is quickly establishing itself as an innovative leader in the project management space. Their team is made up of NAILD certified, MRO experts and professional software engineers. Their cloud-based mobile apps have already helped industry professionals do more business, which in turn helps companies large and small become more energy efficient. The app is free to download, and there are no monthly fees – charges are made on a project by project basis that must be agreed to. But for the retrofitting professionals who have experienced a significant increase in closing rates, the app pays for itself.

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