Israeli Cyber Defense Company Launches a Mobile Spy App that Allows Family and Businesses to Monitor Conversations, Calls, Locations and More

Boca Raton, FL – World Health Energy Holdings, Inc. (WHEH), an Israeli company, is pleased to announce its newest mobile app spy that enables families and employees to track, monitor, and guard their loved ones and employees. The KidGuard App is the next generation of smartphone surveillance app. This mobile tracker software can record the outgoing and incoming SMS, phone calls skype calls from WhatsApp, calls from telegram, Viber and even the surroundings. It monitors GPS locations with parameter alerts, the messages from an application such as Line, Skype, Tinder, Telegram and many more features such as alerting the user against bullying or employee thefts.

The philosophy of the company is, “If you cannot hear or see, you can’t DEFEND” and for that, they have developed a spy app that will see and hear everything on the target mobile.

With all the hectic schedule a person has at work, it might often be difficult to check out on their family and know their location. A mobile phone spy tracker app can spare parents the stress of knowing where their spouse and kids went. It offers them the access and freedom to understand their present location with only a quick tap on the screen. Using the app from World Health Energy Holdings, Inc., a person can track the whereabouts of his kids or spouse efficiently. That’s made possible through the inbuilt GPS Phone Tracker. The KidGuard App allows the user to have total control and have all the knowledge on the targets phone so they can protect or prepare for what’s coming, either good or bad.

With KidGuard App, a user can go through the instant messages from different social media platforms such as Viber and WhatsApp in real time. This feature is very advantageous for parents in tracking their kids. Aside from that, the app can also record phone calls for different purposes. The user can make a spy call and listen to the voices surrounding a target phone or record the environment and listen after.

The mobile app is ideal for parents, spouses, and organizations who want to keep a monitor on their loved ones or employees during working hours. To use the app, interested users need to download it from WHEH’s official website. They can download it for 2 days free trial, and after that, they can purchase it for a monthly/yearly license. The Standard Plan is available in $19.95 per month while the Family Plan is available at $39.95 per month. If the buyer has a problem with the price, they will adjust it for them. The company believes that every pocket – the main thing is to keep everyone safe.

The KidGuard App is compatible with all major operating systems such as iOS and Android. WHEH also has a round-the-clock support team in place to help potential users in fixing their concerns. The revolutionary and ground-breaking mobile spy app enables an individual to spy on a target mobile phone from any parts of the world. Such massive benefits can make the app the most trusted spy app for business and families across the globe.

About World Health Energy Holdings, Inc.:

World Health Energy Holdings, Inc. (WHEH) is a cybersecurity, banking, software development, and health and energy holding firm founded in May 1986. The company owns Unique Cyber Group which provides Cyber Technology for private companies and RNA Ltd that monitor and assess phone’s data in real time.

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