Hong Kong Tech Company Launches Revolutionary Backpack with 18 Partitions and Anti-Theft Lock

SpaceCube is a super versatile tool suitable for travel and work

Hong Kong – Ivory Tower Tech is proud to announce the launch Kickstarter campaign for “SpaceCube Backpack”. The everyday super backpack is a design suitable for sports, study, travel, and work. It comes with 18 partitions, five independent cabins, detachable waist pack, two-section storage, etc. Users will also enjoy the right and left outer back function, suitable for live broadcast and freehand use. SpaceCube offer zipper and thick protection, laptop compartment, cloth and shoe storage, camera storage, and anti-theft lock system.

To back the project, please check the Kickstarter page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2145826477/space-cube-backpack-travel-work-storage-artifact?ref=6ntmah.

“SpaceCube is by far one of the most advanced backpacks you can find, in terms of functionality. Our intention for creating this product is to help provide complete usability for everyday activities, for work, travel, study, etc. It’s made with very strong material so that it lasts longer, and has multiple partitions to help separate different objects for storage, so you can easily reach them. SpaceCube is also perfect for adventurers who want to explore the world and experience what nature has to offer,” said Li Tianzuo, a representative of Ivory Tower Tech.

SpaceCube’s 18 partitions make it a powerful tool that can serve all kinds of purposes. It makes the bag versatile, while users find storage and access easy. The partition includes a left pocket, inner bag, top pocket, right pocket, and bottom pocket. The five independent cabins make it tidier and improve the design quality while the extra-large space works for storing clothes and other fashion items. SpaceCube has a top bag with shockproof, perfect for storing delicate items like a photo camera for example.

There is also the pendant system which makes the product useful for right outer bag function like holding paper bags, café caps, and small tripods. The three-point system function is useful for storing sporting equipment like tennis rackets, or for hands-free use of umbrella when it’s raining. With SpaceCube, there is a guarantee of protection and safety through the zipper and thick protection, anti-theft security lock, and durable buckle.

Backers have the option of selecting any of the eight pledge options available. These include thanks for your support, early bird, and packages A – F (5 packages with extra values) SpaceCube Gift Package.

For more information, please contact +86 18038094391, hellokevto@gmail.com.  

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