Magnetic LEGO®-Compatible Accessory Gets Blocks Off Floors

Interest for Mbriks™ magnetic blocks continues to grow on Kickstarter

New York, NY – Mbriks™, the multi-directionally magnetic, LEGO®-compatible blocks that support LEGO® creations on walls (and other unexpected surfaces), passed the 100% funded mark on Kickstarter today. 

The patent-pending blocks, which can “stick” via any side to magnetically receptive surfaces while simultaneously lifting LEGO® creations, are the brainchild of Evan Grove, a New York City resident and father of two.  “City dwellers everywhere can commiserate with the lack of space to display LEGO® creations,” Evan says, “Being able to display what you build on walls without resorting to glue or tape is a real gamechanger.”

In addition to your fridge door, Mbriks are recommended for use with magnetic chalkboards, dry-erase boards, and picture frames outfitted with metallic inserts (also available through the Kickstarter).  The benefits of using a frame are clear; artwork can be placed above the metallic surface, providing a 2D background for the 3D creations placed on top.

Teachers, parents, and avid LEGO® fans alike might be drawn to Mbriks™ for different reasons.  For teachers, Mbriks™ offer an introduction to S.T.E.A.M concepts (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math), as students must consider gravitational, magnetic, and frictional forces when designing for wall display. 

Parents may appreciate getting their floors and tabletops back; while AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO®) might welcome the opportunity to extend their elaborate LEGO® scenes up the walls.  “LEGO®s have been one of the world’s favorite toys for generations,” Evan adds, “with Mbriks™, my hope is to create new ways to display new creations on new surfaces.”

Mbriks™ (recommended for ages 8+), are available for pre-order through Kickstarter starting at $12, with display surface combo packs starting at $25.  The Kickstarter campaign must hit its funding goal of $12,800 by 4:30pm on Black Friday or else all pledges will be returned.  Anyone looking to see Mbriks™ in the wild can do so at Cafe Buunni in Manhattan (213 Pinehurst ave, New York 10033), while those outside the city will have to settle for the images on Kickstarter and the campaign’s Instagram feed

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