Fast Rate and Less pH Sensitivity – Abbkine BAPTA Calcium Chelators

Abbkine BAPTA Calcium Chelators are commonly used to form calcium buffers with well-defined calcium concentrations, our BAPTA, AM, tetracesium salt, tetrapotassium salt, tetrasodium salt have less sensitive to pH especially in cell culture.

BAPTA and its derivatives are calcium chelators that are commonly used to form calcium buffers with well-defined calcium concentrations. By injecting the chelators into cells or by incubating cells with the AM ester form of the chelators, one can control the cytosolic calcium concentration, an important means to study the roles of calcium. Key advantages of these calcium chelators include relative insensitivity toward intracellular pH change and fast release of calcium.

Abbkine offers below four BAPTA and its derivatives:

1. BAPTA, AM with Cat No. BMD00085

Features & Benefits: BAPTA, AM is a membrane permeable form of BAPTA and can be loaded into cells by incubation. BAPTA, AM does not bind calcium itself, and will not bind calcium until it is converted into BAPTA by cytoplasmic esterase after entering the cell.

2. BAPTA, tetrasodium salt with Cat No. BMD00005

3. BAPTA, tetracesium salt with Cat No. BMD00003

4. BAPTA, tetrapotassium salt with Cat No. BMD00004

The three calcium chelators have below features:

• Highly selective for Ca2+ over Mg2+

• Used to control the level of extracellular Ca2+

• More selective for Ca2+ than EDTA and EGTA

• Its metal binding is less sensitive to pH

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