Colorimetric: Detects LDH released from damaged cells-Abbkine LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit (KTA1030)

Abbkine LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit provides a simple and easy colorimetric assay to detect LDH released from damaged cells.

Cell death or cytotoxicity is classically evaluated by the quantification of plasma membrane damage. LDH is a stable enzyme, present in all cell types, and rapidly released into the cell culture medium upon damage of the plasma membrane. LDH, therefore, is the most widely used marker in cytotoxicity study.

Abbkine LDH Cytotoxicity Assay Kit provides a simple and easy colorimetric assay to detect LDH released from damaged cells. The Kit contains below components:

• LDH Positive Control

• MTT Solution

• PES Solution

• NAD+ Solution

• Lactic Acid Solution

• Triton X-100 (10%)

• Assay Buffer

The Abbkine LDH Cytotoxicity Detection Kit is based on the reduction of the tetrazolium salt MTT in a NADH-coupled enzymatic reaction to a reduced form of MTT which exhibits an absorption maximum at 565 nm. The intensity of the generated color correlates directly with the cell number lysed. In a typical cytotoxicity assay, target cells are cultured with a cytotoxic chemical agent or a cytotoxic cell (NK cell, cytotoxic T cells) to induce target cell death and LDH release. The LDH-containing supernatants are transferred to wells of a new 96-well assay plate and mixed with the LDH Reaction solution. After an incubation of 30 minutes at room temperature, the absorbance at 565nm (A565) is read using a plate reader.

Our LDH Assay Kit(Cytotoxicity) has below features:

1. Measures cell death in response to chemical compounds or environmental factors. 

2. LDH release from the cytosol into the medium catalyzes a color-forming reaction. 

3. Detect lysis of 10,00-100,0000 cells per well.

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