Documentary Seeks to Expose the Flaws of Animal Rights Activist Groups

Long Beach, CA – A new documentary has been released that uncovers the flaws and abuses of animal rights activist groups. The film, The Animal Rights Agenda, seeks to expose the truth about organizations against animal cruelty and to reveal alleged extremist tactics that some of these organizations use in the name of protecting animals from cruelty.

When people hear of animal activists, they often think of people who are striving to tackle tough moral dilemmas. It’s seen as a truly justified mission. However, as the new documentary aims to show, that is often not the case. The conduct of these groups in recent years has garnered strong criticism and made them morally suspect. While combating the use of animals for food, clothing, and pets, they have emotionally and physically harassed both institutions and individuals. The documentary produced by Ivy League Films seeks to reveal these types of extreme organizations for what they really are.

The premise of the film is that on the surface, the cause of these organizations seems to be noble. However, these organizations allegedly go too far with their actions. They have been exposed to be using intimidation, harassment, theft, physical assaults, property destruction, and vandalism. The film seeks to show those who truly love animals the dangers that these organizations pose. The production company has stated that the intent of these animal rights activists’ groups is not about animal welfare, but the disintegration of individual liberty.

The film’s release comes at a timely moment with the rise of extreme animal activism. These types of extreme animal welfare organizations may indeed want to help animals, but many critics have pointed out that their means many not reflect their message. The Ivy League Film Production shows how organizations against animal cruelty inflict their agenda. Those interested in the film itself can check out an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look into the actions of animal rights activists groups by visiting

By revealing how these organizations spread misinformation and often harm people, the film also gets to the point that these groups don’t really benefit the animals in question. The film hopes to show those who truly care for animals how dangerous these organizations can be. Through this exposure, the film aims to teach viewers that they should research rights organizations in order to ensure their deeds match their promises. 

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