Clogged Gutters Could Lead To Mold In Homes In, Danbury, CT

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Are you putting off cleaning your gutters this fall? Think again, says Danbury mold inspector William Powers, of Powers Environmental LLC.
Homeowners in Danbury, CT, are encouraged to clean their roof gutters every fall. The main reason, William Powers of Powers Environmental LLC of Danbury, CT, tells us is this. “Clogged gutters collect rain water. Leaves, twigs and soil can cause roof gutters to back up easily.” 
Why is this a problem for Danbury homeowners?
Powers continues, “Clogged gutters can cause water to back up under your roof shingles. This can cause water to enter through the homes walls or ceilings.”
Wet insulation and drywall are a breeding ground for termites and black mold. Mold has been the culprit for health problems in many family members living in a mold infested house. Mold grows quietly and invisibly in the background.
What can a homeowner do to protect themselves?
Powers continues, “After you have a roof leak it is imperative to fix the problem at the source. First, clean out the gutters and repair any roof shingles that are damaged.” 
Additionally, the wet drywall and insulation needs to be replaced immediately. This is because mold can begin growing in as soon as 24 hours. If you are concerned about mold growing in your home then contact a local mold testing service in Danbury. A local air quality testing company is the best place to start.
Why do some homeowners procrastinate on cleaning their gutters?
Shawn of Clearly Better LLC  a gutter cleaning company in Hunterdon County, NJ tells us, “Many homeowner don’t want to spend the money. So they either opt to not do it, or only do it half-heartedly once a year.”
How expensive can it be to not clean your gutters regularly?
Think about the cost of termite damage repair, mold remediation, missed work time due to mold related illnesses and health care costs.
Powers concludes, “If you think about it cleaning your gutters regularly is the key to protecting your home and health. It is a simple preventive maintenance routine that will save the homeowner thousands of dollars of repairs and headaches.”
What if you have had a roof leak already? Contact your local mold inspection expert in Danbury, CT for an air quality assessment. What if you don’t smell mold? Powers tells us, “If mold is growing behind your drywall you may not be able to detect it yourself. We have special air testing equipment to see if the air you are breathing is safe.”

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