November 23, 2018 – Postar is emerging as a game-changer in the prevailing industry winter currently faced by the cryptocurrency world. This recent winter has disrupted the trillion-dollar industry that was booming worldwide more recently. Emerging as the world’s first trading platform of public chain ecology, Postar is a bull that has been born in a bear market, with an aim and determination to break the shackles of the transaction patterns of the traditional platforms worldwide. Despite many excellent platforms in the market, Postar is poised to lead a great reform from concept to system with its accomplished team and bright vision.

“Postar literally means starshine of the Polaris, a star that represents guidance and hope and we aim a major return to the ecological origin of block chain values, and empower the value of public chains, hence taking an important step from ‘Coin Exchange’ to ‘Link Exchange’,” said Roy Zhang, the CEO of Postar, while sharing his thoughts regarding the platform’s vision. “Postar was founded in 2017 and our core team members mostly come from global famous corporations such as Apple, Alibaba and KPMG,” he added. Roy is an expert on customer relationship and account security, who was a senior consultant of App Store and an investor of early block chain before.

In addition to Roy, Tony Yangis a the CMO of Postar, whowas a former chief team manager of Greater China of Apple, the director of anti-fraud team of iTunes Store, the founder of BITSG Block Chain Service which is the first block chain service company in Southeast Asia, and the initiator of the BitShares community in Singapore. Besides Tony, Jacky Zhang is the CTO of Postar and he graduated from Oxford Brooks University of UK. Moreover, the CTO has six years of experience in internet and block chain development, who has successfully led teams to develop multiple large-scale internet projects.

In addition, Ronny Doe a key engineer in Postar and he hasworked in Alibaba, where he was one of the main developers of AliExpress, who’s also an expert in the field of block chain content storage and copyright protection. Moreover, Sky Qiu is the Executive Consultant of Postar, and he was the Senior Auditor as well as the Chartered Financial Consultant of KPMG, with rich experience in legal affairs and risk management. Postar is positioned in the global first trading platform of public chain ecology and in addition to providing users with basic services such as coin-to-coin trading and futures contracts, the public chain ecology is another highlight.

“As the first global trading platform of Public Chain Ecology, our team is determined to introduce and establish this platform as an industry game-changer,” said Roy Zhang, while talking about his team. With an accomplished group of sophisticated talents from different fields, Postar is all-set to become the first-class trading platform driving the development of the block chain with sound advanced technology and firm belief. With cooperation and opening, it selects online high-quality public chains, takes its original currency as the value-anchored ecological trading area, in order to promote its ecological development and meet more trading needs of investors, thus letting investors to give it real market value.

In addition to the trading area of public chain ecology, Postar will introduce more innovative products in future. Compared with 2017, the current trading volume of global digital asset trading platform has shrunk seriously, and the market is becoming increasingly sluggish. However, Postar team believes it is the best time to enter it, guided by the belief that layout in bear market, hence dashing in bull market.

In the current market, the currency system is chaotic and the interests as well as benefits of project parties and investors are hard to be safeguard. To solve this problem, Postar has put forward a fair and strict currency issuance system. Through screening opinions from comprehensive evaluation organizations and platform audit groups, the community votes are finally initiated to decide on the project party who will issue currency. The way of optimization and careful selection greatly guarantees the fairness and the health of Postar trading environment.

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