Alessandra Sannyas unleashes the power of energy medicine

Renowned Lifestyle entrepreneur, Spiritual leader, and energy medicine enthusiast, Alessandra Sannyas, bring instant healing to the world using her natural healing gift

Alessandra Sannyas is a renowned Lifestyle entrepreneur, a passionate meditation & yoga teacher, Spiritual leader, and a leading authority on energy medicine. Over the years, the master healer has stayed true to her passion of using her natural gift to bring harmony and empowerment to the human spirit, consequently helping many people across the globe, particularly celebrities and high-end entrepreneurs on the emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Meditation, yoga, and other such natural holistic treatment options have been in existence for centuries and seem to have increased in popularity in recent times due to their amazing features and benefits particularly when compared with orthodox medicine. Conventional medicine has come under strong criticism over the years, particularly due to the use of chemical-laden drugs that are mostly for the management of a condition as opposed to the treatment, as well as the side effects that come with using such drugs. Unfortunately, while natural healing options offer safe and comprehensive healing to different kinds of emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges, there is a somewhat difficulty in accessing professional and reliable practitioners. This is where Alessandra Sannyas is looking to make a huge difference across the globe.

Alessandra Sannyas has carved a niche for herself as one of the most sought-after natural healing practitioners, with her illustrious list of clients including business executives, entrepreneurs, artists, and celebrities from all walks of life.

The master sound healer and Reiki expert combines her natural healing gift with her experience over the years as well as training to basically heal the world. Holding a doctorate degree in metaphysical humanistic science, the yoga teacher combines her learned energetic healing therapies from different cultures with her knowledge of Chinese medicine and shamanism to offer a comprehensive healing solution to her clients scattered across different parts of the world.

Serving her purpose and gift to explore, heal, harmonize, and empower the human spirit, Alessandra Sannyas has been the answer and favorite support for many that are seeking harmony and wellbeing, helping her clients to reconnect to their essence and remembering the way to health, happiness, and success.

The expertise and experience of the vibrational medicine therapist have gained her clients from different countries some of the very busy ones flying her in to have a feel of her healing powers.

More information about Alessandra Sannyas and her services can be found on her website.

About Alessandra Sannyas

Alessandra Sannyas is a natural healing expert based out of Bali. Alessandra Sannyas has become popular over the years thanks to her healing gift and expertise that has helped her to carve a niche for herself in the industry. She is also the founder and owner of Sannyas yoga academy and retreat, a temple that she has built and created to facilitate transformational experiences and healing.

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