User Product Experience Description Report of Can World App

Can World is an anonymous unfamiliar social and personalized software, users can share the mood of this moment and this scene, can attract the most matching heterosexual for intercourse, can make some topical comments, unfamiliar social discussions are less stressful, you can also record your impressive stories around you.


Product features:

User’s demand: Users can match the most wanted features, personalized display of nicknames and avatars (according to mood); you and me are just in Can World (anonymous, safe, no social pressure)

No social relation chain: There is No Wechat repost, no attention, no home page, no address book, just the interaction you want

Target user group: 

All of you who are unable to obtain the natural life state based on the complex emotional world of reality can recover yourself from the Can World that is a good, gentle, sincere and stress-free world. Never forget your original intention!

Reasons for attracting users:

1. Diversified interaction modes to meet user demand.

2. Based on anonymous, unfamiliar and personalized social interaction, there is no real social character setting, and communication is more sincere.

3.Completely interact because of content, emotional resonance is stronger.

4. It’s decentralized socialization, where you are treated equally, without real identity and class, here you can not only find the sense of existence and warmth, but also give others the positive energy and aimless help.

Main functions of products: 

Sharing Can: The main point is that users can share a can of emotional or ideological content in the Can World at the moment, and the content is arbitrary, and can be commented, liked, and collected by other users, or can be privately chatted with other users based on this mood.

Interaction Can: Users match similar friends according to their personalized avatar, nickname, age, identity, constellation, personality, hobbies, etc.; after the discovery of the Interaction Can shared by users, it can be liked, commented & collected or it can also have a chat with users in private.

Topic Can: Users can share a topic you are interested in, which can be divided into many kinds of properties. If you like sports topics, then you can share a topic about sports, and then you can discuss it with other users, or you can also be liked and collected.

Story Can: Everyone has different experiences and feelings, then you can record all your humanities stories about life, love, career, gender, nature, etc. to share with other users, other users will like you, communicate with you, or even give you a reward.


Can World is a completely unfamiliar, decentralized and user-specific social software, which can let users have no real identity & class, and enjoy a relaxing social environment, help users find a release place for the mood which is difficult to release, and help users find the most original state of life. 

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