This is a letter from the “can world” to the user

Dear Can friends:

Everyone is born with his own inner world, inner changes allow us to experience life and feel it at the same time. Because we feel, we can connect with each other. We share the laughter and know the gift of empathy. It is because of our inner world that we can drink from love and cherish it.

Yes, we will also experience difficult inner feelings like sadness, fear, shame and anger; and these emotions will fill your inner world. Your inner heart is like the sky, changing constantly. But may these be equally important? Why touching the hot stove will let us receive the signal to pull our hands back, is our hot mood warning us because of the potential danger?

Yeah, having multiple emotions is the basis for having different inner worlds, and the changes in your inner world allow you to experience a colorful life. However, remember that don’t let it destroy your life.

Friends! How do we know that the world outside the heart exists? Can you accurately express your emotions at this moment?

How do we understand our inner world? Does your physical condition change because of your emotional changes?

Is your will free? Have you ever responded to raw emotions with gentle forgiveness?

Dear friend! There’s a reason that you can read these words, now there is a sad energy in your inner world shared by us. But can we start here to be full of hope and freedom from here?

Our initial idea of creating Can World is to let every lonely soul have a world that belongs to them, and never let it go nowhere. This world is kind and loving to every soul, there is no real indifference, violence, darkness, identity, labeling, class and social intercourse. Here your will is full of freedom and your soul is full of human nature; here “the thoughts and feelings that have been in your heart for a long time will be revealed by a stranger and will go forward with you when you need them”; here, your heart will remain free, it will let you release a soul of sensual freedom from the struggling rational animal and retrieve the life state that belongs to you.

Friends! Faced with a soul that has nowhere to place, a soul that needs freedom, we can’t change anything, we’re just giving you a break for the time being, and if you ask for it, it’s going to come for you. We hope that all who enter Can World will find the code to open the free world and put your soul where there is no place to put it, let yourself be free to exist and find the natural state of life that belongs to you.

Finally, don’t forget it, I see you! Can World and the world love you!


– Can World

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